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Isaac Wagner: "Argul's Tomb, the first bit of Darksiders II campaign DLC, was fairly middling. It took you back to an environment which you basically had already seen, solve a bunch of pretty uninspired puzzles and fight a ton of old enemies for no good reason. The recently released Abyssal Forge campaign DLC also doesn't give you a strong motivation story-wise to play through it, expect for the fact that it's an excellent piece of new content."

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b_one1902d ago

no way im gonna spend more cash on this "medicore" game

Psychonaughty1901d ago

I agree with you, it was a very poor sequel to a great first game, I really don't care now if they make a third one and payed dlc that should of made it into the vanilla game (they admitted to cutting at least one third of the game before launch and it shows very badly) is an insult.

Captain Qwark 91901d ago (Edited 1901d ago )

i think your crazy. i loved darksiders 1 and 2. each had their great spots and their rough spots, for example i liked the story in darksiders more but pretty much everything else was better in darksiders 2. looking forward to 3 if it ever comes and will purchase this dlc and all others once im finished with all the other new games i bought. ( xcom, wwe 13, and halo 4 )

b_one1901d ago

If you liked those empty areas, fields left without any action besides some dull monsters, all those masses of useless gear...
at lvl 20 ive killed Final Boss by button mashing.. and not it was not on easy, all those DLCs that they sell now, are raw cut out from main game - story connects itself. Arguls Tomb main boss has its story in Abbysal Forge as he mentions it, this is sad. Main Story is somekind dull, side quests are only to fill emptiness
sorry Darksiders is doomed if there are more ppl like you, from about half of a game, there was no need for me to use pots or to dodge anything.

Darksiders 1 was great hack and slash game, with lots of puzzles, enemies, nice boss fights...good story and great areas

Darksiders 2 wanted to be actionRPG, too bad it went average...nothing more, maybe less than average

PS. Forgot to mention ending that was a bit sudden

So im selling this game and dont want to see it ever again... you ppl cry about games for 60$ and what you are doing now? Paying even more...

MrAnderson1902d ago

I ggot the DLC free because I was smart enough to order it from shopTHQ, i'm only about an hour in, and I already love this DLC, arguls tomb I wasn't a huge fan of, admittedly I haven't finished arguls yet, i'll go back and do the rest once I finish the abyssal forge, but yeah, so far, really good, hugely under rated game, as you can tell from the idiotic trolls post above mine.

1901d ago