First Wii U game reviews are in

Two of Nintendo's biggest games of the year have received their first reviews.

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chadboban1807d ago

Wow, that was fast. Looks like Nintendo Land may be better than we thought it would be.

But the news that New Super Mario Bros U was easier than the New Super Mario Bros Wii to them is somewhat disappointing as I've been itching for a challenging Mario game that doesn't save all it's difficulty for the final levels. Well I'll still enjoy it I guess. I hope Rayman Legends will prove to have that nice platforming challenge I'm looking for, like Origins had.

live2play1807d ago

it depends on the type of player

if you always use the squirrel suit, yoshis to get around the stage and fly for most of it, it will be fairly easy

BUT, if you rely on your precise platforming skills to get the 3 star coins and pass the levels
then it will b a challenge

myiamoto has always said those powerups are there to make the game easier for newcomers

so if a veteran uses them, then it will be a breeze

ShinMaster1806d ago

Nintendo Land:
“An essential purchase for party lovers..."

New Super Mario Bros U:
"A great excuse for families to gather round the TV..."

I wonder if Nintendo will ever get back to actually trying.
Every side-scrolling Super Mario game before the "New" games have been unique. All the "New" ones are the same. Same art direction, same music, level design, everything. They got comfortable and stopped trying.

I hope they one day go back to making core games they way they used to.
I too have been waiting for a more challenging Super Mario game for years! But overall Nintendo games have been getting easier and simpler to appeal to these casual audiences.
It's a shame.

Zhipp1806d ago

Games in general seems to be getting easier. I dunno wtf is going on.

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MegaLagann1806d ago

Difficulty is subjective. Some people find game X hard but I may not. This guy says NMSBU is easier than NSMBWii, but remember NSMBWii could actually be challenging and down right frustrating at times (i'm looking at you world nine).

chadboban1806d ago

Hence why I said "the news that New Super Mario Bros U was easier than the New Super Mario Bros Wii to THEM". I have no idea how challenging this game will be to me seeing that I haven't played it as yet. I also said that those games tend to save their difficulty for the final worlds like you said with world 9 in NSMB Wii.

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MegaLagann1806d ago

Another thing too is just because a game is easy doesn't mean it's bad. Case in point, Super Mario World. Ironically the game NSMBU takes the most after. Super Mario World is considered to be one of the best Mario games of all time (personally it's my favorite) and it's also by far the easiest Mario game.

chadboban1806d ago

Yet here I am again to quote myself. "Well I'll still enjoy it I guess". Once again I'm simply going off what the review said. I'll never know until I play the game myself which I very much intend to do.

FamilyGuy1806d ago (Edited 1806d ago )

Buying a brand new system to play a new mario game that's "less than 7 hours" long isn't all that enticing, no matter the score. I am curious about what he meant by it picking up in the finale with its innovation factor.

I really want some kind of pokemon announcement before I go for a WiiU but if devs start getting really creative with their gameplay ideas for that gamepad (like the autor indicates) I might just jump the gun a little sooner.

I'd like to see a in-depth review, spoilers and all, I want to be sold on the games, and in turn, the system.

JellyJelly1806d ago

People bought the PS3 during its release year when it had much less games on offer than the Wii-U has in its launch line-up.

I wouldn't be that surprised if the Wii-U racks up some sales also.

Gamer19821806d ago

But graphics 90% for NintendoLand?? It has the same graphics as wiisports..

ronin4life1806d ago

The graphics from what I've seen are incredible, actually. Go look up pikmin adventures gameplay videos. Smooth framerate and the characters look like actual real life toys... pretty awesome.

Moonman1806d ago

Easier could mean that the world map allows you to get to later worlds easier. But if you are a true Mario fan, you play each and every stage and get 100% Star Coins. That my friend was not easy at all in NSMBW. Anyone who thinks it was didn't play it.

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney1806d ago (Edited 1806d ago )

Nin land > mash bros then..
good news for the core gamers!!

I am waiting for all the next gen consoles to come so I can choose one(most likely ps4 for me). I need to compare them I am not buy 3 consoles. Just need one next to my pc.

gamerben1806d ago

I didn't ever think Nintendo Land would be a bad game. But it's definitely not something I would anticipate. It's like the Wii U equivalent to Wii Sports.

n4f1806d ago

gaming has became mainstream so more people can enjoy them.
its was all about making good games but nowaday its all about making money

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FlyWestbrook1807d ago

Good news but I am still waiting for that Wii U blockbuster

deafdani1806d ago

Fair enough. If by blockbuster you mean the big Nintendo games (Mario, Zelda, Metroid), I expect some of those to be revealed at next year's E3, to counterweight Sony and Microsoft's reveals of their next home consoles. To me, it makes sense.

LKHGFDSA1806d ago

To me, it makes more sense to announce those games ASAP considering how many people will decide to get the console based on those (lack of) upcoming first party titles.
We'll see if poor sales kick Nintendo in the guts or if Nintendo will continue to neglect everyone.

deafdani1806d ago

Well, that's another way to see it, but personally, I think the launch window (first 4 months) is looking pretty decent already, so I won't mind waiting for the heavy hitters to, well, hit us later. That's what usually happens with all consoles nowadays. The PS3 and Xbox 360 didn't get their really strong titles until after about a year in the market, I don't really expect the Wii U to be different in that regard, much less so when Nintendo needs to hold some wild cards to play when Sony and Microsoft announce their next consoles; otherwise, the Wii U will get completely forgotten in the frenzy of gaming coverage of the PS Orbis and Microsoft Durango.

ronin4life1806d ago

the last time Nintendo announced a bunch of games incoming months after actual release... was the 3ds.

it took kid icarus and metal gear solid a full year to release, paper Mario nearly two, and animal crossing won't be out until next year.

That's why they won't announce to many too soon. ^_^;

Blastoise1807d ago (Edited 1807d ago )

New Super Mario Bro's U sounds as underwhelming as it looks

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Bluenuts91806d ago

This is not , I repeat NOT, a attack on you...Ok now that I'm clear... When did a 8 become underachieving or underwhelming? Last time I looked a 8 is pretty damn good, if not great! Of course everyone wants every game to be original, innovative, and get a 9, but news flash, even a 7 isn't bad and shouldn't necessarily be looked down upon. Sometimes those 7 or 8 scored games can be more fun than the 9 and 10's.

Qrphe1806d ago

It got a 75% on innovation


jaymart2k1807d ago

Here comes the trolls.

If you think a game getting a 8 is bad, plz quit gaming.

kupomogli1806d ago

Don't worry. You'll see perfect 10s soon enough when sites like IGN, Gamespot, etc, release their reviews. Just as soon as the checks go through.

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