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Halo 4 | Guardian review

In narrative terms, Halo 4 is convoluted and for some the game's structure will feel rather basic. But, ultimately, it serves to prove that less can sometimes deliver more. (Halo 4, Xbox 360) -

aviator189  +   1000d ago
Having already played Halo 4, I actually think Halo 4 puts out the most cohesive and understanding Halo yet.
StanLee  +   1000d ago
Many of the criticisms I've seen of Halo 4 are from reviewers with the expectations that the game should be something else. Whatever their expectations, it isn't based on the history of the franchise's narrative or gameplay or linearity. Halo 4 isn't going to be something different than previous iterations. No game is. What it is, is the best of what the franchise has always done, in a polished packaged, iterated to almost perfection. Let the game be what it is!
Chuk5  +   1000d ago
This review feels like it's half done.
Sp1d3ynut  +   1000d ago
Why was this approved? It's not even a real review...just some random guy making random comments...with no proof he's even played the game.

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