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Major League Gaming Fall Championship results

The Major League Gaming Fall Championship concluded tonight and winners have taken away over $180,000 in prizes. Over 1,500 players from around the world attended the event to compete in six games across three platforms. Here are the results from each competition. (Culture, Major League Gaming)

aviator189  +   529d ago
The Halo 4 finals between the warriors and ambush was pretty darn intense, especially when the warriors couldn't wait any longer for the ambush team to come out of hiding. They bashed down the ambush bases and nabbed enough kills to win a last-second game. The score literally switched 4-5 times in the last 3 seconds.
Loki86  +   529d ago
Congrats to my boy Legit, still remember bringing you into Halo before Philly in 05.
azazel665  +   529d ago
Legit is a great player!
Loki86  +   529d ago
Trust me I know, we teamed in 06' and the boy just makes the smartest plays constantly.
Outside_ofthe_Box  +   529d ago
The guy who won the Battle Royale tourney played as Kratos. If that doesn't validate that Kratos is slightly OP then I don't know what will...
grifter024  +   529d ago
I don't know how MLG actually had Battle Royale as a competitive game in the first place.

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