X-Play reviews Sam & Max: Season 2

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• Consistently funny dialogue
• Well-balanced difficulty
• Lots of cartoon charm


• Not all of the gags hit the mark
• Some puzzles are a little too lateral
• Somewhat inexpressive 3D characters

"The new Sam & Max is an ironic combination of old-school game-making and new-school technology. It looks like something a decade old and plays like something from the Reagan years, but it could only have survived in the brand-new age of the broadband internet."

"Besides the obvious practical, economic advantage; the episodic nature of the new Sam & Max adventures gives them a leg up in the gameplay department, too. In the early days of PC gaming, adventure games tended to be long and brutally difficult. After all, players had to get their theoretical money's worth. Freelance Police, though, features shorter adventures, so you get to the payoff quicker, and the abundance of inexpensive different episodes means if you get bored or stuck with one, you can easily try out another. Meanwhile, if you're new to this point-and-click thing entirely, nine bucks isn't much to spend on testing the waters. Everybody enjoys a good laugh, after all, and Sam & Max sure serves up plenty of those."

Review by: D.F. Smith

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