Get unique 3D models of your personal Minecraft world

Creating and customizing one’s world in Minecraft can provide a great sense of pride. Now those accomplishments can be manifested into a physical model thanks to FigurePrints, the same company that makes 3D models of unique Xbox Live Avatars and World of Warcraft characters.

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DV_Bastian2026d ago

All of my Minecraft creations are too disastrous to want to exhibit on my shelf. -_-

Timmer2026d ago


I kinda don't want my massive dick-castle on my shelf. But then again, it would be a great conversational piece.

WeAreLegion2026d ago

If I could get a replica of my entire Minecraft Pocket Edition world, I'd be the happiest person alive. It's a metropolis...without people. :/

roblef2026d ago

This might be the coolest thing ever.

LouisGarcia2025d ago

Didn't know such a company existed.