Makers of acclaimed video game Dishonored based fantasy city on Scots capital

Daily Record writes:

"EDINBURGH has inspired the fantasy setting of one of this year’s biggest video games, Dishonored – and it’s all thanks to stunt cyclist Danny MacAskill.

Game developer Sebastien Mitton had planned to base his stunning ­fictional city, Dunwall, on London.

But he was unable to find enough historical areas left untouched by World War II bombings.

Back home in France, he saw a film of MacAskill pulling stunts on the streets of Edinburgh and immediately realised Scotland’s capital had exactly the look he wanted."

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hennessey861998d ago

London to me, especially the bridge

deep_fried_bum_cake1998d ago

I didn't know this. I'll have to look out for places I might recognise when I get round to getting this.

1998d ago
Jinkies1998d ago

See its nice for other cities in the UK be used for inspiration instead of the same old London

I would love to see a game in an urban setting based on Newcastle, the night life would be a nice setting to used in my opinion....and no dont think of Geordie Shor, those arseholes are nothing like what you would find in Newcastle.

TheSaint1998d ago

Please, everyone knows that the Geordie Shore lot are the pinnacle of Newcastle's populace.

It only goes downhill from there.

1998d ago
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