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"DLB talks about what he proposes for the future of PlayStation Network for when it debuts on the PlayStation 4/Orbis. He referrs to it as "PlayStation Social Network" and recommends how Sony should really push on social capabilities of PSN, where it is currently lacking. DLB gives some of his recommendations on the specifics of exactly what needs to be done also."

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JoGam1904d ago (Edited 1904d ago )

Yes Sony and Playstation needs to get their Social Network together. I am a die-hard Playstation fan but PSN seems disconnected. I think the next gen PSN should be as connected as cell phones are in every way. I am impressed how 360 grab the Social aspect and ran with it. Sony just needs to do the same Next gen.

MariaHelFutura1903d ago

The only feature PSN should have that XBL has... is being able to directly jump in to your friends games. Aside from that, I'm good.

otherZinc1903d ago

Yes. It amazes me how close minded PS3 fans are. There's no doubt M$ is killing SONY in this arena & Home is a POS & everyone knows this.

While PSN gives coupons, M$ is giving SmartGlass! SmartGlass is the start of Next Gen(XBOX 720), given to us This Gen. Those continuing to keep the blinders on, SONY will give you nothing.

DLB is right, hes the only PS3 super fan that wants whats best for the PS3. Most SONY fans keep their heads in the sand.

RBLAZE19881903d ago

I think the new ps store is a really good start.

LOGICWINS1904d ago

No offense, but I don't give a crap about cross game chat or most social features. I don't want to have a convo with someone while I'm enjoying my games. If I want to talk to you, I'll call you or send u a message on FB chat.

Obviously there are people out there who care about things like this, I just personally don't.

PinkFunk1903d ago

I agree with you, but I do think it's generally difficult to communicate through the messages in the xmb. I always just call a friend over the phone to set up a game, but it gets to be a pain when you're calling every disconnect, or when you leave a game. I just find that most the time if I send a message on the xmb, there's a good chance someone will miss it, and then there's no notification, or that frankly it's just a pain in the ass to respond. I don't know what the answer to it is. I feel like cross-game chat may actually be really invasive - though there could be a "Busy" button so if you want a private session, you don't receive calls?

DA_SHREDDER1903d ago (Edited 1903d ago )

im pretty sure that most people, if they had the option, would love those features, but it's fine for now, the ps vita already has cross game chat, even nintendo wiiu has cross game video chat, so yeah, the ps4 will have it so calm down.

btw, i hate the new ps store, it's freakin slow and i miss the old store already.

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Fishy Fingers1903d ago

Next gen, in my opinion, will be much more about social integration, making gaming a more connected experience. In this respect the PSN has plenty of room to improve.

Dedicating a respectable amount of memory to the OS will be a good place to start. But I'd say that's a given.

THC CELL1903d ago

Ps vita says hi, if vita had home well it would be amazing

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