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Call of Duty Black ops 2: iso leaked to piracy sites

Another one of this year's blockbuster titles, Call of Duty: Black Ops 2, has leaked to popular piracy forums. So be on the lookout for possible spoilers about the story in the next few days while browsing gaming sites! (Call of Duty: Black Ops 2, PS3, Xbox 360)

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Old McGroin  +   616d ago
Yup, just saw this and it had been uploaded less than 20 mins ago.
Irishguy95  +   616d ago
I wonder if I should even bother D/Ling it. I'm definitely not buying the game, ah **** it waste of bandwidth
chaldo  +   616d ago
if theres a pc version, sure il dl it.
cod sells like crap on pc. Thank god!! This is why we get fresh games like Hawken & planetside 2 and not to many cod clones on pc.

some zombie gameplay though.
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Gamer1982  +   615d ago
Only 360 version leaked so why this on ps3 channel?
momthemeatloaf  +   615d ago
All the leaked bot footage the last couple days on YouTube is ps3 gameplay
jeseth  +   615d ago
Probably because COD is MULTIPLATFORM!

Multiplat and the biggest seller on both systems on top of that.

News about it would be relevant to both.
Mikeyy  +   615d ago
The PS3 version is leaked also.. Look harder.
newsposter  +   616d ago
not long until forums are full of spoilers:(
Enmson  +   616d ago
you will shoot bad guys by using guns most of the time playing.
t0mmyb0y  +   616d ago
That's all you could come up with :D
NeXXXuS  +   616d ago
oh no. you ruined the game for everyone. how could you.
dredgewalker  +   615d ago
I'm pretty sure it will have tons of explosions and people dying....and also unicorns, fairies and tap dancing....
talisker  +   615d ago
Are they really bad? I mean, how do you know?
Axecution  +   615d ago
There's going to be a shocking scene 3/4 through the game where something frownedupon and depressing happens.
Nitrox  +   615d ago
haha, made me think of this:

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Qrphe  +   615d ago
Well don't go to forums then. It takes two factors for you to get spoiled, for someone to post spoilers and for someone to go look at them.

If you get spoiled it's your fault.
Leviathan  +   615d ago
What spoilers? C'mon. We ALL know what to expect from Bops:Part Deux. Newish Maps. Check. Guns from the seventies. Check. Zombies. Check.
GuruStarr78  +   616d ago
Story?! Lmao... what story?! It's Call of Duty, people..
hennessey86  +   616d ago
Had a brilliant single player campaign, as did cod 2 they haven't always been bad you knw
newsposter  +   616d ago
cod4 was by far the best CoD story wise.
jeseth  +   615d ago
Most of the COD campaigns are very good. A lot of awesome set pieces and action.

I think the campaign in COD games are often overlooked.
irepbtown  +   615d ago
COD4 was the best COD ever and by a mile.

Story, online, split-screen, it was bags of fun. I still play online today.
princejb134  +   616d ago
here comes the cod trolls
if you hate it try to avoid these articles
admiralvic  +   616d ago
The funny thing is that the series used to be defined by the story... how times have changed.
rezzah  +   615d ago
Even if the story sucks, it still is a story.

BTW not all of the stories suck in every COD game.
Oceangrave  +   615d ago
The story lines are quite good actually. Not everyone gets CoD just for the multiplayer ;)
megamanX2  +   616d ago
why do you idiots promote this stuff if you hate it?
Qrphe  +   615d ago
Very well said. By posting news like this you pretty advertise that a new game is ready for download.
tonynguyen06  +   616d ago
Lasted longer than I expected
Master_S  +   616d ago
Animal Mutha 76  +   616d ago
Ah the dark side of the force. Strong on the Internet it is.

You will never stop this. The Internet is bigger than any government, corporation or enforcing entity.

Can't see the desperation to play it myself. I'll wait and buy my copy like a good consumer if it gets good reviews.

Will look up some zombie gameplay on YouTube tomorrow.
Hazmat13  +   616d ago
i for one cant wait to play the storyline like in Black Ops its fun and has more player control like having a face and voice. thats something infinity ward never had on the guy you play (besides soap) lol single player FTW!
jjb1981  +   616d ago
It's not about the game, it's about the developers that work very hard only to get their intellectual properties stolen
Hufandpuf  +   615d ago
If my product raked in millions of dollars regardless, I could care less about pirates.
7sEvEn  +   616d ago
Piracy is a thorn for many publishers. Activision will still make its money and hopefully put that money into stopping hacks!
JKelloggs  +   615d ago
Stopping hacks? Don't count on it buddy
uiywoisdf   616d ago | Spam
MasterD919  +   616d ago
Hasn't this happened for every COD game?
xTHRASHx  +   616d ago
My issue is that playing CoD with mouse/keyboard feels so damn unnecessary given its 'smallness' and MW3 didnt have controller functionality so I doubt this will. Ill keep my eyes out tho, itll be good for a lol
0pie  +   616d ago
i cant wait to see the 1st review of black ops from an unknown website seraching for fame.
ritsuka666  +   616d ago
Sucks this Activision! haha...
chukamachine  +   615d ago
I've seen the ending, the bad guy gets it.
Raccoon  +   615d ago
Just canceled my pre-order :( thanks robocop.
Pillsbury1  +   615d ago
Call of doody: black poops 2
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kenoh   615d ago | Spam
THC CELL  +   615d ago
8 gig downloaded gunna see what all the fuss is about
Mathew9R   615d ago | Spam
JKelloggs  +   615d ago
Yes boss :-)
ginsunuva  +   615d ago
Your character dies.

A lot.

But don't worry he respawns at checkpoint each time.
WayneJ360  +   615d ago
Every new game gets leaked early where have you guys been?AC 3 was released early also this is nothing new :)
WayneJ360  +   615d ago
I forgot about Halo 4 that was leaked really early also :)
Firewound  +   615d ago
And in other news there's a thing called time, so what's new...
KillerPwned  +   615d ago
Besides COD 1 and 2 these games arent even worth torrenting since its all about the multiplayer.
AzaziL  +   615d ago
You know what'll be newsworthy, the day a game doesn't leak before release date, now that's news.
Jason143  +   615d ago
I get a kick out of the passionate guys on here who say 360 rules and then they are playing the game early via modded box and not supporting the box haha irony. Every iso gets leaked early with a few exceptions from time to time. I have my deluxe edition ordered on pc and can happily support the devs for what looks to be a solid zombie game
ItsTrue  +   615d ago
But they end up getting the game anyways. I believe most of them pirate it to play it early and, for bragging rights.
Xenomorph  +   615d ago
Good then I can play the amazing campaign. Oh wait...
frankiebeans  +   615d ago
its been out for 2 days already on the site i go to
ninjahunter  +   615d ago
Dat console piracy.
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