Black Ops 2 & NBA 2K13 Is All We Play

Dauddy of Tells Us Why:

I call it like I see it. The casual gamers in my town only tend to play NBA 2K13 and Call of Duty: Black Ops 2. These two series are what we play; the latest NBA 2K and the latest Call of Duty.

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GreenRanger1997d ago (Edited 1997d ago )

Bouncin' and shootin' is all some people need.

spicelicka1997d ago

it's true, even my casual friends play only these two games. Man do i feel sorry for introducing them to Cod4...

ZoyosJD1997d ago

Strange, my hometown was tiny, but everyone loved a wide variety of games. Sure, we all played COD, but that wasn't all we played.

From Fallout, NBA, Halo, Pokemon, Zelda, Gears, NFL, FF, Unreal, Elder Scrolls, MLB, Borderlands, LBP, Fable, Star Wars, FIFA, Crash, etc. Everyone just had their own favorite and we all just enjoyed the variety.

Hufandpuf1997d ago

my city is full of gamers, but a lot of people I know tend to just buy NBA games and COD also.

ikkokucrisis1997d ago

Nba 2k needs better balance.

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