Gamedaily: Games You Cheat on Your Girlfriend With

Gamedaily writes: Remember, it's not really cheating until you score atleast 10 kills in Call of Duty 4, World of Warcraft...

1. Level Up in Game, Level Down in Life
World of Warcraft (PC/Mac)

Don't book reservations at a fancy restaurant. Instead, buy a one-way ticket to Azeroth and roam the beautiful countryside, completing quests, searching for treasure and murdering weaker players.

2. My Boyfriend Loves a Man Named...
Halo 3 (Xbox 360)

Next to Madden NFL, Halo 3 is probably a woman's worst enemy. Instead of her boyfriend ripping her clothes off and cuddling in front of the fireplace, he joins up with a dude named Master Chief and travels across space battling a bunch of planet conquering aliens.

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