Valhalla Knights 3 screenshots

Take a look at a bunch of screenshots from Valhalla Knights 3.

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Myst2022d ago

Oh wow I kind of forgot all about this series and thought it was going to go away after the Wii version. Glad to see that it will keep going and will be an improvement on the PS Vita. So far everything looks a lot sharper and a bit cleaner than previous versions (which is to be expected); but this quite better than what it was before.

Judging from one of the screen shots I can't tell if the battle system will be quite similar to the first or perhaps the second? Or maybe a unique blend of both? Also with that lady I wonder if that's a mini-game or not...

tubers2022d ago

There was one article in Siliconera saying you can touch and kiss those bar hostesses and make them join your party.

Myst2021d ago

Ah so that's the deal with them then. So sounds optional thankfully.

DivineAssault 2022d ago

hurry n localize pls.. I wish devs would simultaneously do all the voice work for different regions as well as tx so these titles could release on the same day globally..