( PS3 Game of the Month: October 2012 writes:

With October offering a slew of triple-A treats for gamers to gobble up, attempts to pick the best of the bunch for Sony's PS3 console from the likes of Resident Evil 6, Assassin's Creed III, Need for Speed Most Wanted and more.

Which game ultimately bagged the prize though? Read on.

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Gamerpeanuts1905d ago

Personally I think Halo 4 got PS3 game of the month....oh sh*t wrong article....whooo....Killzone? IDK I only play my PS3 for GoW and LBP...and sometimes Uncharted.

DivineAssault 1905d ago

Sony shouldve had a few more exclusives to release this holiday because spring of 2013 will be packed with so many that i dont know if i can complete them all before E3 even rolls around & even more are announced

1905d ago