Gamedaily: Super Smash Bros. Brawl: Top 10 Final Smashes

Chris Buffa of Gamedaily writes: Don't enter Super Smash Bros. Brawl until you choose a character with a sweet finishing move.

#10 Fox McCloud - Landmaster
It's one thing to dodge blaster fire. It's another to avoid a freakin' battle tank.

#9 Bowser - Giga Bowser
Mario's arch nemesis doesn't shoot lasers or command an army of flying goofballs. Instead, he turns into a gigantic ass-kicking monster and stomps on anyone stupid enough to get in his way.

#8 Pokemon Trainer - Triple Finish
Getting attacked by one Pokemon sucks. Getting destroyed by three, on the other hand really blows.

#7 Peach - Peach Blossom
#6 Kirby - Cook Kirby
#5 Mario - Mario Finale
#4 Samus - Zero Laser
#3 Snake- Grenade Launcher
#2 Lucas - PK Starstorm
#1 Link - Triforce Slash

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