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Submitted by LaWiiG 1190d ago | trailer

Nintendo Kicks Off Ad Compaign, Users Unleash Complaints

The latest ad for the Nintendo Wii U isn't sitting well with some viewers. Hit the link to check out what people are so upset with. (Culture, Nintendo)

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Cam_is_16bit  +   1190d ago
At first I thought it was a commercial for Windows 8
richierich  +   1190d ago
Ha ha ha its funny because its true:)
Anon1974  +   1190d ago
I just can't help put feel there's a huge problem with this for families. As a father, I just can't see how one uber-controller with a room full of kids isn't going to end in endless fighting over who gets to use it. You can argue that kids need to learn to share all you want, that's not reality. The best kids in the world are still going to fight over who get's to use the wii-pad over and over again. I'd almost rather see the Wii-pad optional and just let all the kids either use wii-motes or pro controllers.

However, I have no idea if I'm the only one in that boat. For all I know, families will be lining up to get their hands one. I just know that I'd be hesitant to purchase one for my family where everyone would want to play with the uber-controller. It just makes me shake my head, and we know from Nintendo that a second wii-pad controller may be an option further down the line, but they've told developers not to plan on it so we can't hold out for that.

From a gamer standpoint, I love the promise of the Wii-U. My expectations went up when I say a regular controller. I just couldn't stand using the Wii-mote. The best game I played on the Wii was Mario Bros, and that had you turn the wii-mote sideways to use like a regular controller which is the only reason I could tolerate it. Even though you can't deny the Wii's success, it just felt like Nintendo was sane again the second I saw the option of a regular controller and not some relied on motion control for every game. And it certainly seems like Nintendo realizes they could probably use core gamers again, based on the software lineup we're seeing.

As for the ad, it didn't do anything for me. It just once again highlited what I perceive as a problem. A bunch of kids sitting around with Wii-motes and one kid with the super controller. What a nightmare.
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rainslacker  +   1189d ago
I thought the same thing myself. Even more so when they said they weren't releasing the controllers separately. It won't really be an issue for me though, although I'm having some people over on launch day.:)

Watching this commercial though I saw nothing that indicated to those outside the gamer's loop that this was a separate system from the Wii. In fact I'd say they were making it look like an add-on to the current Wii, with multi-player games using wii-motes and such.

Off topic, it does make me wonder why they'd unleash a big ad campaign if they really are so low on supply as they say.:)
aceitman  +   1190d ago
i am going to buy this no matter what i have all systems, but the commercials do nothing much for the system. it looks like downgraded wii commercials to me, they need something to really make it stand out and i know they can do better than that.
rainslacker  +   1189d ago
Thinking about it that was probably intentional. Making it seem like a cool add-on for the holiday season would get the average person who already owns a Wii more interested than an entirely new system. Especially if all those hyperbolic Wii's are collecting dust in people's closets.

As I said above, nothing in this commercial indicates to the layman that it's a new system, and even at work where we talk about games quite a bit people there still don't know anything about it.
ylwzx3  +   1190d ago
I thought it was a very confusing ad with way too much panning.
_LarZen_  +   1190d ago
The ad is more then ok, it shows many of the features and shows that Nintendo is still aiming to bring the family together with fun games.

The hardcore gamers dont need a ad to inform them as they most likely know all there is to know allready.

That there is a little group of people complaining and that they get the focus is nothing new, and frankly it's getting really boring.
Venox2008  +   1190d ago
you can do anything and people will make complains..
videoxgamexfanboy  +   1190d ago
That was typical Nintendo right there. I hope those complaining wasnt expecting to see Mario shove a sticky bomb up Master Chiefs ass or to see link Decapitate Nathan Drake.
colonel179  +   1190d ago
I thought the UK commercial was much better at showcasing the Wii U features. This doesn't do a good job, and the music sucks!
LisaWaters22   1190d ago | Spam
bothebo  +   1190d ago
CalvinKlein  +   1190d ago

no, no.... I HATE SQUARES


I honesty do not know what someone might have found offensive in that commercial. It was way to happy to possibly offend somebody like me.

Possibly im offended by how happy and loving those people must be to play videogames with their children but I doubt that is what has people offended.

EDIT-- OHHH, never mind. I read the crappy article and its just fanboys complaining and most the comments there were clearly ps3 or xbox fans.

This article was probably written by an xbox or ps3 fanboy as it seems to try and make it out that people are having real complaints when its just internet fanboys comments. Also says "users" implying that these are actually nintendo fans and Im sure most of them were not.
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SirNintend0  +   1190d ago
Better then the stupid ass PS3 commercial with the baby!
Grimhammer00  +   1190d ago
I really am shocked that I hadn't considered the effect this console will have on multi-kid families!

Yeah 1 pad is going to create problems.
A7XEric  +   1190d ago
Why isn't AC3 or ZombiU in this anywhere?
_LarZen_  +   1190d ago
Probably since this ad can be aired early in the day when children can be watching?
DivineAssault  +   1190d ago
Well what do ya know? Its being marketed toward children & casuals again.. Who wouldve guessed? They couldve squeezed in a few zombies getting shot in one of those squares.. Such a waste of potential to gain new followers.. Little has changed with nintendo..
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rainslacker  +   1189d ago
Why wouldn't they want to cash in on that market? It served them very well on the original Wii. When it comes to a game system you don't really have to market much to the hardcore like us. Even if you hate Nintendo you probably know more about this system than 90% of the people that brought a Wii.

It probably wouldn't kill them to market to some of those moderate game players though, like the Xbox player I invited over on the 18th to check it out, but didn't know what it was because he doesn't visit gaming sites, but still enjoys playing know the average game player.
ShaunCameron  +   1190d ago
It's just PS360 fanboys unleashing complaints. Who cares about what those losers think?
Wolfbiker  +   1189d ago
They just run this as an ad to illustrate the power and.features of the wii u.

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