IGN: Professor Layton and the Curious Village Review

by Craig Harris:

Puzzles range in difficulty, from the absolute obvious to the downright devious. Remember Die Hard with a Vengeance? You'll find a ton of variations of the puzzles that Jeremy Irons dishes out to Bruce Willis, including that "pour the liquid" challenge…but this time it's not to disarm any bombs. Many puzzles really need to be calculated, but others are trick questions. And sometimes these trick questions are simple to spot: if the script is throwing several numbers at you, you can pretty much guarantee that these numbers are just to throw you off and the answer is a lot simpler than the text is letting on.

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PS360WII3689d ago

This game is highly addictive! What seperates itself from the other puzzle games is it has a plot and a good one at that. Fun characters and a great setting. Hope more come to the US for I know Japan has a couple out now.

Julie3688d ago

because it looks nice if its long i will get it :D

PS360WII3688d ago

I have 5 hours in it now and in your journal you have 8 pages and I'm just about to fill up the second. There does seem to be a good length to it. It is suprising to find all these different mind games are out there.

The length can be longer for anyone though. It all depends how quickly you can solve a puzzle. Like I said I have 5 hours in it and solved 44 puzzles. Some take longer than the others and I showed them to a few of my friends and the all finished with different amount of trys and time.