Devil May Cry 4 Comparison

GameAlmighty's Phillip Radke writes, "Devil May Cry 4 has finally hit the two big consoles. While the PC has a version on the way, the question lies with what current next-gen system offers the best Devil May Cry experience. Is there really a clear cut difference which console has the chops, have the game developers finally finished crying about the difficulty curve of developing for the PS3 and made the game, or do we have another Madden on our hands?"

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LightningPS33718d ago (Edited 3718d ago )

It's basicly a PS2 game. So it works better with the PS3 controller.

In the end, it's not that good of a game. I bought it and I'm feeling tired of it already.

In the end, it's true. It's a last gen game. Plays just the same, works the same, powerups are the same, I find myself doing nothing differently than I have for the last 3 installments.

Just the high definition visuals, and even that I've seen better visuals this gen.

So in the end it's disappointing. I regret buying it. Capcom played it too safe here.

It makes me think that sometimes the real big hitters are gonna be new franchises this gen. Especially if Developers are playing it this safe with their established franchises.

Rikitatsu3718d ago

Doesn't make any game good... i mean I am fine with DMC4

BLACKJACK VII3718d ago (Edited 3718d ago )

LMAO - I think the edge goes to the machine that can run the game without a 5 Gigabyte download to stream cgs & maps !

What a great last gen game with next gen graphics !!!

Seriously though, I've enjoyed the nostalgic trance down memory lane, loved DMC1 & this one reminds of that game. The controls are alittle crusty for my taste & I can't belive they havent ever fixed the camera.... Not a big fan of Nero, but lovin' playing as Dante - Pandora Level 4 rocks, good for a SSS finisher on the Sparda knights.

BloodySinner3718d ago (Edited 3718d ago )

How can you tell? Those images aren't even high-res. You might want to check this out instead... -

meepmoopmeep3718d ago

that's why i like how MGS4 is coming. it throws you off gaurd from it's past iterations and throws you into battle settings. some developers are not afraid of change

power of Green 3718d ago

Make sure you click the bars above each pic to enlarge them in #1.2 post. This is why most reviewers say they are *almost identical* or *almost the same* it means *one looks better but we as revewers are too chicken sh*t to upset the PS3 crowd*.

Pissing PS3 fans off is like a boycott with some slander and smearing mixed in.

Ju3718d ago (Edited 3718d ago )

I agree. It has stunning visuals - a bit too shiny, and nothing out of the ordinary if you'd expect a lush environment or more interaction with the surroundings. But the game play (especially camera!) is so last gen, you run from a one scene to another and all of a sudden the camera rotates 180dgr. WTH. Eventually I ended up smashing buttons. That's it. Sometimes the "random sequence" element brings in some diversity, but in fact you play the game twice (which leaves you with "been there, done that" kind of feeling). I like the hot chicks, but they don't do a lot (like fight with you or such, just brighten up the cut scenes a bit), but nice eye-candy.

BTW: These shots in the comparison are useless. How can you tell with all these jpg artifacts in there.

drewdrakes3717d ago (Edited 3717d ago )

No doubt you cant judge from these images. Check out the sections around the text. They didnt use a lossless image compression. There is noise in the images. Therefore you cant use these images to compare.

InMyOpinion3717d ago

"There is a slight difficulty in gaining shots from the PS3 because of the different motion effects that it uses which causes a slight blur on the stills, so any details lost on in-game stills can be chalked up to that."

What that means is that the PS3 does not do anti-aliasing as good as the 360. If you look at the pic below(as posted in the article) you can see that the textures are more detailed on the 360 version too.

Brixxer6003717d ago

Totally agree, there's nothing new about this game at all, last gen game.

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strwrsxprt3718d ago

I was so disappointed in DMC4

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PSWe603718d ago

It looks like the X-BOx 360 images are a bit sharper than that of the PS3's.
Why can't they do a simple comparison like Wii vs. Jaguar.

hotshot1273718d ago (Edited 3718d ago )

i mean, dont you see that extra hair on dantes head?/sarcasm.

they both look the same except for the ps3 one is alittle brighter and you get alittle screentearing on the 360 version.

power of Green 3718d ago

Media has to praise PS3 they have to make a big deal out of loading and prefference for a crampt controller.

Just think of the backlash people would get if the PS franchise was considered having the edge from another console.

Not even Orange box had so much hype over loading times nor did COD4!, even the 360 version of COD4 was not considered better just because some people think COD4 controls better on the 360.. See whats going on here.

Chad Warden3718d ago

Umm, apparently you didn't actually read it. The PS3 version uses motion blur effects, making it appear more blurry in STILLS but while actually playing DMC4, the PS3 version's motion blur makes the action look more intense.

Sony Soldiers3718d ago (Edited 3718d ago )

You had no problem with the media bashing of the PS3 back in 2006, did you power of Green? Quit calling others fanboys, when you're one yourself.

Hypocrisy ftl.

power of Green 3718d ago (Edited 3718d ago )

Media reporting on a game console *being too expensive* and on *Ports not running good* or the fact PS3 *isn't this monter powerhouse* it was said to be isn't the same thing as hundreds of Sony fans spending the whole day looking to destroy MSFT.

MSFT gamers will not try and destroy whole gaming companies or cummunities if they say bad things about the 360, thats the difference.

We do not hunt down sh8t in forums to smear the PS3 what I have noticed PS3 have actually hurt companies like IGN, 1up, Gametrailers & EA etc.

Sony fans have always been spitful to Xbox fans.

Sony Soldiers3718d ago

And? Why can't the media report the obvious RROD problem for the 360? You said the same BS yesterday on some RROD article. I guess as long as its not something you love, it's okay, right?

moparful993717d ago

"We do not hunt down sh8t in forums to smear the PS3 what I have noticed PS3 have actually hurt companies like IGN, 1up, Gametrailers & EA etc." POG this is your exact words yet all you do on this site is consistently come into forums about the ps3 and drag it through the dirt. You generalize sony fans and state that we try to hurt and destroy companies that take an anti ps3 stance. Yet you and your "Omg xbox 360" brethren comment on ps3 articles more then ps3 fans. Its no secret that you hate sony and want the ps3 to fail so why do you play innocent portraying 360 fans as victims? Ps3 fans have had to deal with soo much negativity since launch from posters like you on here, media sources, microsoft and their arrogant propoganda and so on. Why do you think so many sony fans are on the defense? There has been so much outside pressure on the ps3 camp and so little positives that its hard to believe sales have consistently increased for nearly a year. I have no respect for you whatsoever after your consistent hypocritical commenting.

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Reggie Fils- Aime3718d ago (Edited 3718d ago )

its like comparing TURD to TURD on two TURD consoles

the Wii is where the real games are at:

Metroid Prime 3
Super Mario Galaxy
Ninjabread Man 2


my face and general appearance is FLAWLESS like the Wii itself

Jandre023718d ago

I cant get over how much of a douchebag Reggie looks like. Haha, how does THAT guy become the face of your company? Its like they picked up some random cook from the Kabob resturant and said "Hey, you, come be the PR man for the best selling console ever."

iAmPS33718d ago

You are ugly, really ugly, sorry for the honesty.

Sony Soldiers3718d ago

Shall we execute this man, General Kazuo Hirai?

Kaz Hirai3718d ago

It's time to put an end to this SIMPLETON once and for all!
Reginald, you INSOLENT GOOSE, your time is up!

You cannot run, you cannot hide,
Those who anger Kaz have all died
Whether you're PIG or GOOSE, your console's a dud
The Sony Soldiers are coming for your blood!


psnDevistator3563717d ago

or whoever you really are, your just a cheap b1tch who doesn't know what real games are. Do you like that your console is a gimmick? Or maybe that its going to be like game cube where people only play super smash bros.

EatingToast3717d ago

What is wrong with you? The wii is so stupid. It gets boring really fast and has such low quality graphics. I'd say that only the 360 and ps3 are the next generation consoles. The wii will die long before any other console.

she00win993717d ago (Edited 3717d ago )

this is the first time i've seen a wii fanboy, it good to see the wii boys are fighting back, i just hope he can survive the onslaught of the ps and xbox fans

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