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Medal of Honor Warfighter sales over half a million

Medal of Honor's estimated sales figures once again prove that games deemed average by pro reviewers still shift vast quantities of units. (Medal of Honor: Warfighter, PC, PS3, Xbox 360)

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Optical_Matrix  +   532d ago
WHen you consider BF3 did over 8 Million out of the gate, that's a pretty poor number.
Cam977  +   532d ago
And if I remember correctly, the reboot from 2010 had about two times the sales of this.
Blastoise  +   532d ago
Apparently people won't be fooled a second time. Same with Final fantasy 13, the sequel sold a good deal less
AngelicIceDiamond  +   531d ago
Yeah, MOH 2010 nearly hit a million the first week.
Tvensky  +   531d ago
I didnt even look into it... pity I should, but there is too many shooters this time around! And Im still happy with my BF3 considering I get new maps every 3 months!
ritsuka666  +   531d ago
Same with Final fantasy 13, the sequel sold a good deal less "

FF13-2 already sold 4 millions copies,so not a failure by any means.

Anyway, the sales of MOH are good especially if you consider this are first week of sales.
Blastoise  +   531d ago


4 million copies right?
If you say so. Who knows how the game sold as many as it did anyway, was terrible
Temporary  +   531d ago
The sequels to FFXIII sold less than the first game. Cant fool all the people all the time.
mafiahajeri  +   531d ago
It will slow down when cod comes out.
SilentNegotiator  +   531d ago
Slow down? I think the words you're searching for is "crash land"
Blacktric  +   531d ago
When you consider BF3 was somewhat half decent out of the gate, that's not a pretty poor number. Thanks to EA's fantastic marketing, all the babies with sh*t taste bought the game thus the game's development costs were squared away.

Or EA is lying about the numbers. Pick whatever you like.
RaidensRising  +   532d ago
Once bitten twice shy.
DarkSymbiote  +   532d ago
Tsk tsk. Sad what crap gamers waste money on these days.
Erudito87  +   532d ago
im sticking with bf3
Cam977  +   532d ago
Me too, that and this looks really poor. If I even did want this I would just BF3:P.
Erudito87  +   532d ago
i just recently downloaded the amored kill dlc and its looks amazing inside the snow mountain place you could fit every dlc from mw to date and still have an insane amount of space left over
th3n00bg4m3r  +   532d ago
finally people are realizing that poor game is poor
Dirtnapstor  +   532d ago
Danger Close's 2010 reboot was better. Warfighter...I like SP portion, despite the fact that it's disjointed. The MP should be completely overhauled...the gist is there, but guys from DICE need to clean it up (if that's possible).
I think DC could have created a better package if they had been given more time.
JKelloggs  +   532d ago
The only reason for getting this game is because of BF4 beta for me, played a good portion of it, and I wasn't that impressed, I preferred the 2010 reboot
medziarz  +   532d ago
man, EA's gonna fail HAAARD this season, last time they had battlefield 3 and mass effect 3, now they ended up with this turd and Most Wanted which no matter how awesome, won't sell because it's a racing game and nobody cares about them anymore and then there's dead space 3 which is going to be mediocre and fail, i'm calling another $400M loss this holiday quarter
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TisMayo  +   531d ago
You know too much.
SneeringImperialist  +   531d ago
I hope EA fails, maybe those morons will finally learn the hard way (AGAIN); but I doubt it.
Zha1tan  +   531d ago
half a million morons
CrazyRap  +   531d ago
soon 1mil
younglj01  +   531d ago
if they released Bad Company 3 they would had an chance too break CoD stronghold.

This is another reason I don't believe EA about them making games on the 720 or PS4.
jayman1  +   531d ago
Yes I totally agree they should have made a bad company 3 seperate from Moh and battlefield 3. Bad company series is screaming for a new edition. Battlefield 3 is whole different animal from the bad company series. Bad company was a killer urban warefare game with alot of balls and was alot of fun. Bad company was a not so serious take on the serious shooters. Battlefield 3 is so serious it kind of gets boring great game but stale with the serious take.
Jason143  +   531d ago
Considering this is pc-ps3-360 tis not good #
jayman1  +   531d ago
Warfighter is an awesome game and is alot better than the first Medal of Honor reboot. People are suckers for buying into activisions cut and paste shooter one game after another. I'm not saying I wont get black ops 2 maybe with a christmas gift certificate (not sure what games i will get). I'm just saying that warfighter is a really good game that focuses on 2 man teams.warfighter is alot different from black ops 2 and is a good alternative from cod.
josephayal  +   531d ago
You can't judge a game just by genre
Medal Of Honor WF is one of the best multiplayer experiences ever created
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FragPants  +   531d ago
Single player has been getting ripped, and I agree. But Multiplayer is very good. Listened to Rebel FM. Was disappointed in Anthony's(IGN) review about Multiplayer.
This is purposely intended negative attention directed at EA. Not saying they don't deserve it. But you so called professional game reviewers. Call it like it is!
Kaneda  +   531d ago
I enjoy MP.. really good idea promoting teamworks..
Norrison  +   531d ago
Mp is really active on PC, those sales don't count Origin sales, which are most of the PC sales. I'm pretty sure it's near 1M
Soldierone  +   531d ago
Considering it was released on 3 different platforms, thats really poor. If it was exclusive then I can see 1 million being a milestone.
Bumpmapping  +   531d ago
Bladesfist  +   531d ago
I still played this game longer than MW3 (30mins). If this game gets so much bad press then so should COD.
GTRrocker666  +   531d ago
Peekayboo  +   531d ago
This is the new superman 64

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