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Can 343 deliver the Bungie-style goodness we expect? Well, it’s a pleasant surprise.

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starchild1808d ago

Maybe. I can't wait to play it though. I have loved all the Halo games.

otherZinc1808d ago (Edited 1808d ago )

There's nothing in Halo 4's way for GOTY. If so, what? 343 put the kitchen sink in the game.

TrevorPhillips1809d ago

I can't wait to pick it up at midnight! :D

bubblebeam1808d ago

Same. The EB games where I live in Australia is doing a midnight launch from 9-12. So excited. Haven't been this excited since Uncharted 3 :) :) ;)

1809d ago
dirthurts1808d ago

I just wish MS would let Halo hit the PC again.

bubblebeam1808d ago

I think they will when the next Xbox comes out. As they get the extra sales without leaving out their money machine (Xbox 360).

I'd love to see what the PC crowd could do modding wise (provided they allow it....most likely not :( ).

sllshrm1808d ago

I dont think they will

Look at Halo came out in 2007 and now we are at the end of 2012

They atleast should've had the decency to release the final game of trilogy on the PC, but instead left us with a motherducking cliffhanger end of 2...its been 5 years damn it :/

Dont hold your breath, its not gonna happen.