Hand Me Downs: The Porting Crisis of Wii U

With so many multi-platform games flooding Wii U’s launch window, Lewis asks whether we’re doomed to another generation of dodgy ports.

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Jadedz1997d ago

Microsoft and Sony receive, yet they complain about ports?

I really don't understand this flawed logic of thinking.

Gr811997d ago (Edited 1997d ago )

Agree more. It's silly and additionally, every console starts out with ports. It's a quick way to establish a market on the new console and for devs to familiarize themselves with the hardware.

LX-General-Kaos1997d ago

Well said to both of the above

Irishguy951997d ago

Exactly, I mean what do they want it to be like the Wii? With a tiny amount of decent games on it? Want to wait for Zelda and Mario again? Ports are nothing but a plus.

1997d ago
GreenRanger1997d ago

Every console and handheld has and will get a lot of ports.
The only exception was the first game console.

Schawk1997d ago

I know wii had no support people complained now the wiiU gets it and they still complain, every console after the first will get mostly ports, i would like to see a 3rd or 4th generation console release along with 20 brand new games, this will never happen

WiiUalpha1997d ago

Worst part is its a Nintendo site and I bet if we looked into their history's they've prob complained about lack of the site down for extreme ignorance

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DivineAssault 1997d ago

the wii u has exclusives that are launching.. Only the core titles are ports w very few exceptions.. If these ports dont sell well, they will cease to exist so i suggest everyone goes & buys em..

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