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TGH Writes: "When Ragnarok Odyssey was first announced all big time RPG loves that owned a vita were ecstatic. I myself couldn’t wait to get my hands on what looked to be an amazing game that you could play on the go. Now that it’s on store shelves is Ragnarok Odyssey worth your time and money or should you just wait for the next RPG to hit Sony’s troubled handheld?"

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Nerdmaster1996d ago

I wish it was more like Ragnarok Online, and less like Monster Hunter... I really thought it would be a RO with a great battle system. The only Ragnarok things in this game are Porings and references to RO cities.

tubers1996d ago

Would have been awesome if it were more open like Ragnarok Online.. visiting the towns of Pront, Morroc, Geffen, Alberta, etc. and their corresponding outskirts..

Maybe one day.. or hopefully, the sequel will do just that xD

profgerbik1996d ago

Sadly there will be no sequel as Gunho has moved to mobile games now and will only work on one further title for the 3DS.


sdozzo1996d ago (Edited 1996d ago )

I've found it great in short bursts... 15 to 45 minutes. MH was to hard for someone like myself completely new to the genre, but this title seems easier for me to understand.

That said, it is lacking in customization as you noted and highly repetitive, sometimes in a bad way.

Hicken1996d ago

This game is less than average? It's not even mediocre? I doubt that.

profgerbik1996d ago (Edited 1996d ago )

Sad thing is because of stupid reviews like this developers are all throwing in the towel. Now Gunho is going to mobile games.

The game is great for what it is, people have become so spoiled and expect everything to be the same as the last game they made or to be perfect the first time. It is really getting annoying.

Or in the Vita case every game that comes out is compared to console games for some stupid reason. Get over it, the Vita is not a console.

It is ridiculous some of the reviews Ragnarok Odyssey has gotten while others have rated it very high and those reviews have made much more sense going into great detail about the good aspects of the game and the bad.

These bad reviews really don't go into much detail at all other than sounding like you don't generally play MMO's. Which is fine, you don't like MMO's don't play Ragnarok games because they are based off of an MMO.

I also notice it sound like most the bad reviews all tried to copied IGN's review.

Anyone who has played any previous Ragnarok probably didn't expect much different, I know I didn't.

I mean Ragnarok Online is still a very popular game and that is by far the most repetitive game I have ever played but still one of the most fun RPG I have ever played as well.

At least in this game the characters differ greatly from each other, in Ragnarok Online you practically played the same damn character forever until you could actually use better skills which took a long ass time, god forbid you actually wanted to make a new character name or look, have fun starting all over again doing the same crap you did forever again, still I enjoyed that game so much.

I beg to differ about the armor and weapons, I have seen a vast variety of Armors and weapons that I have yet to even come across in the game.

The game hasn't even been out a full week and you are complaining about lack of gear? Does that make sense to anyone else? Maybe you should actually play the game longer then judge once you have actually seen all the gear and weapons. Sounds much more logical to me.

Hell I even had this Lagu Executioner on another save file, that I still cannot find on my new save. It is obvious good weapons and armor aren't easy to get, so why expect that you have seen it all?

Anyway those who own the game are enjoying the crap out of it except those few MMO haters who had no idea what they were getting into when they bought it which is their own fault.

Sorry the game does not make it shit simple for you to find the best and coolest looking gears.

I really don't believe it should get this bad of a rep though it just shouldn't.

I also don't find this game as repetitive as others I have played in the past, it is practically a dungeon game and every dungeon game I have played works practically the same way.

So again I feel those who really are hating this game generally don't like games like this to begin with and had no idea that is based off an MMO.

DivineAssault 1996d ago

such mixed feedback.. I dont care cuz i will be opening my Mercenary Edition & playing it for myself as soon as i finish Liberation.. I no doubt will enjoy this title because i love rpgs & the game looks really cool..

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