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ZombiU: Can a Wii U Game Resurrect & Redefine Survival Horror?

UM writes:

One of the most memorable Christmas gifts I’ve ever received was a Sony Playstation. Since then, video games have been a huge part of my life. I’m proud to call myself a gamer, yet I still get a handful of trolls in the internet who condescend me for never owning a Nintendo console or device. As a kid who was born in the mid-1990′s, I skipped most of the original consoles from Nintendo or Atari. Consequently, I’ve always stuck with the Playstation or the Xbox through the years. I never had the urge to buy a Nintendo console and when I first heard of the Wii U, I was skeptical. I felt that the Wii U didn’t really offer anything new to the table. For me, it was more of an addition developers had to work around with than an innovation itself. Yet, after spending a day at New York Comic Con, all my preconceived notions on the Wii U came into question. (Wii U, ZombiU)

wishingW3L  +   536d ago
why are people putting so much faith on this crappy looking game?
Kamikaze135  +   536d ago
Because it looks "okay" and it's on a console so it's automatically hype worthy.
JsonHenry  +   535d ago
Because all of the gameplay vids make it appear to be a fun game?? A polished version of DayZ almost?
nothing like day z. sorry. Dayz is not a hallway game. Also "Amnesia Machine for pigs"..

multiplayer is like a tradition shooter. Well slower version of black ops zombies.

Also seeing how 4 survival horror games are coming to the pc anyway (one by ex stalker devs) ur options are looking like crap. Just sayin. oh I just remembered fortnight so 5 games then. You have to admit horror is just about dead on ur end.
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JsonHenry  +   535d ago
^^ Just because other good games are coming in the near future doesn't mean this game will be any less (or more) of a game.

I've watched the videos and it looks like a good survival game with good mechanics. The corridor style urban environment makes it that much better to me because of tight spaces and CQ combat.

But I gave you a +1 bub just for mentioning Amnesia! :)
dboyc310  +   535d ago
The game that will redefine the survival/horror genre is the last of us. Though the zombie u game looks good it does not capture the desperate/intense, survival aspect that the last of us has shown.
Ck1x  +   535d ago
How does one even let that statement form on the keyboard... TLOU does seem more survival/exploration, but horror its not!
Bluenuts9  +   536d ago
I can't wait for this game, and for the two people above me, I really don't think that looks like crap, but graphics aren't what people are excited for. IMHO opinion it's because it actually looks like a compelling game that is a return to survival horrors better days, and not a packed building(s) of thousands of zombies in every square inch (exaggeration but not that much) that is other recent zombie games. Just my humble opinion though :).
Oceangrave  +   536d ago
"Resurrect & Redefine Survival Horror?"

Like the genre is dying....
Bluenuts9  +   535d ago
I wouldn't say it's dying exactly for the zombie apocalypse genre, but the survival games are on their way to life support IMHO. When you have tons of ammo, health that regenerates, and tons of save points, how much trouble are you really in?? Limited ammo, death by one bite, and not a ton of safe houses/save points..sign me up for that :). Not attacking you or anything (even though it might seem like it lol), just giving my humble opinion.
Oceangrave  +   535d ago
Survival-horror is growing. Indie developers have the freedom to experiment with the genre and that's what they are doing, look at Miasmata or The Intruder just to name 2 titles.

I see your point tho, games what you describe are scares, but as I said, more and more indie devs are picking up the genre. Who knows someone will create that exact game.
Realplaya  +   535d ago
@Oceangrave until you play it you can't say it's bad or not. Understand this in real life and in the movies you don't have access to an armory. you don't have unlimited bulletts. To be honest if Zombies were real one would basically be careful with every step, Go somewhere safe to check your bag take a second to scope out the area to avoid being bitten basically use precaution. you can bash the title for the way it looks because it may not look like the last of us but I'm sure that isn't what ubisoft was going for. It's called a SURVIVAL horror game. Not a ACTION horror game.
FordGTGuy  +   535d ago
I would recommend checking out Project Zomboid, it's definitely not as pretty as ZombieU but it's also not as expensive. The game is completely about survival, you have to fight, scavenge and run to survive. You can also craft and barricade a safe house.
wanieldiik  +   535d ago
the game looks pretty good actually but couldn't they think of a better name than ZombiU?
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ronin4life  +   535d ago
It is actually a reboot of one of Ubisoft first games Zombi (yes, without the "e")

So, Zombi + WiiU = ZombiU. The name makes sense, even if it is silly...
wanieldiik  +   535d ago
just zombi would've sounded better. the "U" makes it sound so stupid
seanpitt23  +   535d ago
I would like this game but I don't want it bad enough for me to purchase a wiiU for it.
Inception  +   535d ago
I'm not sure if zombieU can ressurect and redefine survival horror genre. Cause i don't see anything new about it (imho, condemned, L4D, FEAR, and Bioshock looks more innovative than zombieU). But i put my faith for shinji mikami 'project zwei'. From the artwork and mikami interview, i got the feeling that this game will put survival horror to another level. So i can wait more info about this game ;)
WiiUalpha  +   535d ago
The only thing u said I agree with is u need to know mote because going Hythe first part of Ur post you know nothing at all about it... what comment on something u know nothing about? The only thing u did was make yourself look bad by commenting out of ignorance
pedroyamato  +   535d ago
It looks a really promising game, and if it is not redefining at least it is renewing the survival horror game genre that was turning into action horror games with the new resident evil, bioshock etc series.
Hope it sells well so maybe we can see a new entry (maybe even more polished) in the future.
Jadedz  +   535d ago
I honestly want to know what...
Resident Evil fans think about this title. Capcom's been getting a lot of flack for the recent Resident Evil titles that they have released so far.

Doesn't ZombiU rectify all those problems? The intensity level is even more high, given the fact you can actually die, then you'll have to use a new character and acquire all your items back.

If it does well on the Wii U, then of course ZombiU will become a multiplatform title in the future.
Neonridr  +   535d ago
and how does it work on the 360 or PS3? You lose the main selling point behind the game which is the gamepad. Take that away, and this game gets lost in the shuffle. It loses what made it original and turns it ordinary. You can't have the same experience on the Xbox or PS3 minus the gamepad. And Smartglass or Vita support is not the same thing. Not to mention they wouldn't make a game that required the Vita when barely anyone owns one.

The people that are putting down this game are the same Sony fans that put down Halo or the same Microsoft fans that put down Uncharted. They can't have the game, so they figure they will do the next best thing and put it down.
PopRocks359  +   535d ago
Or, you know, people can actually try it and see how it works instead of ignorantly writing it off.
josephayal  +   535d ago
Zombie u is time Exclusive
WiiUalpha  +   535d ago
And now we know this games some fanboys in a frenzy.. a hardcore game like this wouldn't fit in with the casual cod crowd that exists on PS3 360.
Realplaya  +   535d ago
!00% of zombie movies have a person changing into a zombie if they get bitten. Unless they have some sort of special immunity to the blood and the scientist is trying to drain them. But Yeah a person gets bitten bam tey become a zombie. The only way for them to survive is keep moving, monitor there ammo, check for zombies, replenish supplies, and don't draw attention. If they fail to do any of those then they die or get turned. People bash the game for for they way it does it but if you look closely it does these things.

This Game doesn't need to change the genre just take it in an optional direction, add something different to the mix. I think we should all embrace the game and the system with open arms. I didn't preorder My WIIU because it's a Nintendo system or because the game sold me. I did because My Ps3 and wii were collecting dust and I never bought an Xbox, I love the fact I get new play alternatives.
Schawk  +   535d ago
New console, New Exclusive game.
Reason enough for me to buy
pedroyamato  +   535d ago
Dont hate me!

But I doubt that it would be released for ps3 or xbox360, first they cannot hold that graphics and light effects, second this game is too hardcore for them, Sony drones are used to kill be killed and respawn in 3 seconds, also the parents would not leave them play it after 9pm LOL.

Preparing for fanboys attack in 3, 2, 1...

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