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Nintendo: Free Games Do Not Give Consumers Exceptional Fun

Nintendo believes that dedicated gaming platforms, including Wii, Nintendo 3DS and the forthcoming Wii U, are unworthy of existence unless their games provide exceptional fun for consumers, according to company president Satoru Iwata. (3DS, Wii, Wii U)

WiiUalpha  +   614d ago
Title doesn't match with what was said but i agree. Ill take bf3, Sr the third and may over farmville everyday and yes if the games aren't fun and don't set themselves apart from free games consumers wont b interested.
DivineAssault  +   613d ago
1st off jr, i dont troll or defend anything.. I have no allegiance to ANY of the companies.. I been playing games since 1983 & u were prolly a spermie @ that time... I own ALL nintendo products ever released from NES to now including handhelds.. Just because i voice my opinion on what I dont like from them its trolling to u? Who are u? Sony effs up to me too & the only reason i prefer them is cuz they get ALL multiplats & have a strong network unlike nintendo.. But nintendo has the most fulfilling & beautifully crafted 1st party games than anyone else to me..

I am a gamer that owns ALL consoles.. Liking one over the other is just reality.. Everyone has a preferred system.. PS3>Wii>360 to me just like PS2>GC>XBOX was & the list continues.. Nintendo hasnt been #1 since SNES to me & i hope that changes but from what ive seen, played, & read about wii u, its not the case.. Check yourself cuz not everyone thinks the same way u do. Wii U articles are all over the place so of course im going to comment.. I dont look for em just to say negative things if u read my posts.. Dont like what i have to say? Dont read it n mind your business
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WiiUalpha  +   613d ago
Sure kid im going to believe u. If u cant handle it then don't post history cry when ppl see u t rolling and point it out. I cant believe u actually typed all that out when u proved yourself a troll long ago. Why aren't u off telling ppl to give vita and its ports a chancellor claiming ports on Wii u prove its not worth owning ? Or trying to convince ppl no other pub wanted bayonets and thats the only reason Nintendo for the game. Lol u really r pathetic. If u cant handle being called out then don't post but I as answer hate when fanboys like u have an obvious agenda but think we r all too stupid to see. Ur comment history esp during Wii u conferences is proof enough who u really support
Thepcz  +   614d ago
nintendo should send me a free wiiu with the full launch line up
i will prove their theory wrong
Ilovetheps4  +   614d ago
If you read the article, the quote was comparing it to mobile games. They misquoted him in the title. He basically said that mobile games cannot provide the fun that a game on 3DS can. And I would have to agree. A 99 cent game on cell phones does not provide nearly as much fun as most games on the 3DS.
PopRocks359  +   614d ago
The quote is out of context. He's referring to cheap mobile games when he refers to "free games."
Thepcz  +   614d ago
who cares, my reply is funny
ronin4life  +   614d ago
Yeah, it is actually. ^,^;;
Lol. ^0^/
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Hicken  +   614d ago
Actually, your reply to PopRocks is funnier, for some reason.
PopRocks359  +   614d ago
I'm inclined to agree with Hicken on this one.
rulakir  +   614d ago
I believe this to be true in the sense that to really have fun in game I like to have "what we in the future call buttons". Playing games with a controller is so much better.
MegaLagann  +   614d ago
Free games are fun, too bad fun is an optional item that costs two dollars.
jakmckratos  +   614d ago
Yeah but then again neither are side scrollers. Especially when their almost a re-hash of the previous games. Boom roasted
metroidfusion2  +   613d ago
You suck on yo grannies lactating tits boom roasted

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