Final Fantasy 13-3 is using assets from Versus 13.

FF Dream recently spoke with SquareEnix’s Julien Merceron, in their discussion they were able to unearth a few details about Final Fantasy 13-3 and Versus 13.

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Jinkies1746d ago

I call bull s***

They're just trying to sucker peope in one last time to buy the game by saying its using elements from the most wanted Square Enix game that peope are really excited for, trying to rub off some of its hype on FF13-3.

Nice try Square Enix

KingKelloggTheWH1746d ago

That is indeed what this appears to be.

I wish they would just start focusing on Versus now.

BiggCMan1746d ago

13 and 13-2 are really good games, I hate seeing so many people despise them. If people would sit down and play both games from start to finish, a lot would change their minds. I get annoyed at how many people keep saying "oh this shit isn't Final Fantasy any more". Well they wanted to try something new, and they did well at it. The story is amazing, and the main focus which is why it's not as open as the other games. People have so much hate for 2 great games, but they are so blind.

Temporary1746d ago

It's more hate for the company than the game. The quality of their games have dropped dramatically...but you would only know this if you were a Squaresoft fan during its golden age.

Any kid can play FFXIII and say it's a decent game, but they have no frame of reference to compare the quality with because they havent grown with the franchise.

FFXIII is GARBAGE compared to their past titles, and theres been a downward decline in that quality since they almost went bankrupt and had to merge.

Tr10wn1746d ago

"13 and 13-2 are really good games, I hate seeing so many people despise them. If people would sit down and play both games from start to finish, a lot would change their minds. I get annoyed at how many people keep saying "oh this shit isn't Final Fantasy any more". Well they wanted to try something new, and they did well at it. The story is amazing, and the main focus which is why it's not as open as the other games. People have so much hate for 2 great games, but they are so blind."

Lets try something new, how about next time Square enix do a game where you can move in the world and explore it and not a game which you start playing it and you can basically see the last boss from the start because is a strait line from start to finish.

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AsheXII1746d ago

They also said they are using elements from XIII and XIII-2, which apparently are not that desired.

Great cherry pick mate.

Irishguy951746d ago

FF Versus used assets from FFXIII too. No reason for them not to use some Versus models or use bits of the engine they created for Versus

PshycoNinja1746d ago

No they didn't. They dont even use Crystal Tools anymore. Story terminology isn't considered assets in the industry. Nice try.

Gamer19821746d ago

I think versus is a giant con to keep people wondering and supporting S-E. I used to think it was real but now thinking its nothing more than vaporware.

iamtehpwn1746d ago (Edited 1746d ago )

Of course if anyone actually read the article, the title on N4G is misleading. It says "Elements" from Final Fantasy Versus XIII are being used in LRFFXIII not assets. Assets are enemies, characters, animations, etc.
Here's a better written version of this report:

What they're actually most likely (my guess) using is such things as the dynamic Day/Night and weather system Versus has, and elements of Versus' combat system which is a Real-time action sense just like Lightning Returns battle system is.

CalvinKlein1746d ago (Edited 1746d ago )

I like how ps3 fanboys act like FFvs13 was ever even going to be good anyways. Everything points to it being crap like their other games recently but since it is a ps3 exclusive its gonna be soooooo goood. All they have to do is make it mulitplat and instantly every ps3 fanboy will bash it instead of over hype the [email protected] out of it.

but I love hearing about how great it is gonna be, a game we've never seen any gameplay of or even a real screen shot, from a developer who cant make a good game anymore. I could promise you people a ps3 exclusive turd and you would over hype it as the greatest thing ever until I say that turd will also be on xbox.

ShoryukenII1746d ago

I don't think that you understand what SE did to Final Fantasy fans when they announced XIII for the 360. We found out that they cut so much out of the game for the 360 that they were able to make 13-2 and now 13-3.

I'm not trying to insult the 360 but that DVD is just too small. So we have very high expectations for Versus XIII. We haven't seen anything objectionable so far, in fact, what we've seen looks fantastic. The features sound like they are correcting all of the mistakes from XIII.

If they announce it for the 360, then we will be VERY disappointed since we have been waiting for over six years and judging by their history, things won't end well. So it isn't about us being fanboys for the PS3, more us being fanboys for Final Fantasy.

1746d ago
dragonrage001746d ago

They have shown gameplay of the game... That said, I dont think its a matter of ps3 fanboyism. Its a matter of FF fans having something to look forward to. From the gameplay Ive seen, Im not too excited. The gameplay has even less RPG to it. Seems more like a mix between dirge of cerberus and crysis core. I honestly dont know how that type of game is supposed to "save" final fantasy.

princejb1341746d ago

whats a versus 13?
is ithat game still in square enix radar; i was promised that game years ago and i still have barely seen gameplay of it
next to capcom, square is just as bad a company that dont care about their fans

-Gespenst-1746d ago

So cynical. THEY asked HIM a question, and he gave an answer. It's not like SE have made an unprompted announcement out of this.

FACTUAL evidence1746d ago

I might get a crap storm of disagrees, but this can be a hint of VS 13 having the possibility of going multi-plat if it ever sees a release date.

Kratoscar20081746d ago

I think that you are right but i dont care anymore Vs could turn just like XIII (The hype of Vs is the same as XIII got).

stragomccloud1746d ago

They might be using this money to fund Versus XIII so I'll be getting it.

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney1746d ago

lol are u new to console gaming? This will work!!

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KingOptimusAscend1111746d ago

I think this is not fair to keep holding this game off for lightning sequels.

KingKelloggTheWH1746d ago

Agreed,this is actually causing me to not want to support the 13 trilogy :(

I just don't understand why they would delay Versus so far and focus on the most hated entry in the series.

KingOptimusAscend1111746d ago (Edited 1746d ago )

Here is my guess. I'm probably wrong and will get disagreed.

My guess is maybe after they showed it to us in Jan 2011 they went into budget problems so Nomura called up Sony and said "We might have to go multiplat or cancel the game." but Sony was probably like this game is to epic to let go out of our hands. Then they had a meeting Sony paid Square to keep the development going on the PS3 and bring it to the PS4 (seeing how the PS4 maybe launching next year and Versus won't be out till like 2014.) Then at E3 Sony and Square will announce FF Versus XIII has been renamed and will becoming to the PS3 & PS4 in 2014.

MariaHelFutura1746d ago

The Reason: Final Fantasy 13 and 13-2 sold very very well.

Redempteur1746d ago

FF13 is not the most hated entry ... people are just "angry "on the internet and only on the internet ...

Both FF13 games made profits ..and some people want to know how the story ends ..

Snookies121746d ago

@Redempteur - The story should have ended on the first game.... -_- Not to say I didn't think FFXIII-2 was better, because it kind of was in terms of gameplay. However, I seriously doubt most people would take a XIII-3 over Versus XIII.

Grap1746d ago

@Redempteur are you in real life as i am. i mean i talk to people about this game and when i mean people a lot of fans. and the highest reaction for FF13 is midcore.

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Jinkies1746d ago

I know right

I care more about Noctis then I do with Lightning and I know nothing about Noctis yet.

Lightning is terrible as a main character, she shouldn't of been the one to get sequels, Tidus, Squall, Zidine but no we got Lightning instead.

FamilyGuy1746d ago

They spent a lot of money creating ff13, making sequels is relatively cheap for them. They keep coming out with them for the instant-money-grab factor.

LX-General-Kaos1746d ago (Edited 1746d ago )

That's very nice of them. Hopefully when the Final Fantasy 13 trilogy comes to a close, Square will go back to focus on the gaming experiences that the people have asked for. A proper home console traditional jrpg release will do Square Enix and the hopeful jrpg community great justice.

I remember viewing target render videos to Final Fantasy Versus 13 over half a decade ago. Back when this current generation was considered next generation. Still not even a trace of evidence to the survival and or release of Final Fantasy Versus 13 anywhere on the planet. At this point it no longer matters the platform or platforms of release. Just give the people what they deserve.

Rated E For Everyone

DatNJDom811746d ago

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Ippiki Okami1746d ago

or Rated E for ego. *gets on knees* Thank you for gracing us with your comments your highness. /sarcasm

Jinkies1746d ago (Edited 1746d ago )


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