Press Start: How to Skype Your PSP

Gamespot writes:

"The Sony PSP, the Swiss Army Knife of mobile entertainment devices, received yet another feature in a recent firmware update with the addition of Skype VoIP support. The Skype software allows the PSP to make calls over the Internet. Skype users can call other PSP or PC Skype users as well as cell phones and regular phone lines. Skype-to-Skype calls are free, but calling out to a real phone will cost real money starting from 2.1 cents a minute depending on location. A Skype-enabled PSP can also accept calls, but you'll need to deposit money into your Skype account to cover for incoming calls coming from a cell phone or landline."

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TheMART3588d ago

Is there also a device that has video & speech/mic combined? So one can have the full Skype experience of seeing and hearing each other?

PlayStation3603587d ago (Edited 3587d ago )

Go!Cam should work.

ceedubya93587d ago

Not sure when I will, but its a good option to have. PSP is a great console that just doesn't seem to be taken advantage of by developers.