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About: "An engaging campaign, strong graphics, and the best multiplayer offering since Max Payne 3 and yet so many people want to relegate this game to the bargain bin before Halloween. The sad thing is that Call of Duty: Black Ops II will almost certainly do that as the mega-franchise makes this title obsolete. It's too bad so many critics had to pile on before the inevitable because Medal of Honor: Warfighter is better than you've been led to believe."

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Nest88r1998d ago

"Warfighter is better than you've been led to believe."


berndogskate1998d ago

Nice review and not a bad game at all, no b ops for me after the first outrage on the ps3, proper crappy port so one less fool to hand his loot over. )

fredrikpedersen1998d ago

It is not a terrible game, but it is by no means good either.