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GameStop Wii U midnight release uncertain

GoNintendo reports on news that GameStop has told a customer. (GameStop, Wii U)

DarkBlood  +   528d ago
i certainly hope there will be otherwise my first system launch pickup might end up being the ps4 or the next xbox whichever comes out first

either way i will go there an hour early in the morning before it opens to pick it up
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aquamala  +   528d ago
my Best Buy is not doing a midnight launch, the reason is that they won't get any "extra" ones to sell, only the people that preordered will have one
Trunkz Jr  +   528d ago
I'm gonna be sleeping in my car @ Bestbuy so I'm first in the morning, gotta make sure to beat all those jerks who only want it just to sell it on e-bay and profit for christmas...
Bluenuts9  +   528d ago
Honestly I can't see them having one as most stores were already told them probably wouldn't get any extra systems, though I'd personally like to be able to get my hands on one as soon as I can!! Why can't today be the 18th already?
Shok  +   528d ago
It just depends on the store. My local GameStop said they're doing one.
Bluenuts9  +   528d ago
Is it one inside a shopping complex?
Dr_Salvitor  +   528d ago
I asked a couple but they all said "no" so i asked them "how about a midnight launch for all the games that are coming out that you did a midnight launch on for the other systems." "uhhhh no." What a load of horse shit.
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Alos88  +   528d ago
I don't see why they wouldn't do one, is there a shortage expected?
omarzy  +   528d ago
Some stores are doing them. Its launching on a Sunday. Not every store will be able to get worker in for a midnight shift on Sunday.
Alos88  +   528d ago
Damn the Nintendo fanboys (not you omarzy) sure read a lot into what I said lol, I only meant that Nintendo should prepare for a high demand this time, the Wii sold out insanely fast.
omarzy  +   528d ago
Yeah, it was crazy. I remember going into a Best Buy to get some games a few years after the Wii launched and they STILL had a short line for some wii consoles.

Also, a shortage is expected for most places. Nintendo has stated that shortages will happen.

Yeah, the demand seems pretty real for the Wii U as well so i can;t imagine what they are thinking. Probably something simple like creating even more demand.
2v1  +   528d ago
Will see how long until the kids at the trailer park notice ther is a new nintendo console out.
MNGamer-N  +   528d ago
Ricky, Julian and Bubbles are going to find a way to get cash for a Wii U
Raccoon  +   528d ago
I'm sure they are aware of the event it's just that the release is too late into the month. Now if only GameStop could take food stamps they would be the first in line...
MultiConsoleGamer  +   528d ago
My store is doing a midnight launch but the majority won't because launch day is a Sunday.

Nintendo specifically targets Sunday because they feel its a family day. They also like the easy, slower pace of Sunday. It's a great day to buy games and play them together with family and friends.
WiiUalpha  +   528d ago
Lol are u ever right? Seriously u just pulled that be out of thin air. Nintendo chose Sunday because in Japan they r not allowed to launch during a week because too many ppl call into work and its easier to do that in the states as well so it wont cause an issue.... just once a post from u without u making stuff up would b nice...ill b laughing all week over your be reasoning
MultiConsoleGamer  +   527d ago

Nintendo has held all of their major hardware and game launches on a Sunday since 2006.

But you were saying some stuff, I'm sure someone who doesn't know what hey are talking about will agree with you.
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rainslacker  +   527d ago
Hate to burst both your bubbles, but Nintendo releases on sunday so they don't have to go up against the Tuesday releases of their competitors, and Sunday may be family day, but it's also the day most people have off and are relaxing so more likely to go out and shop.

As to Japan, Sunday isn't an official day for release, look at gamefaqs and you will see most release on Tuesday or Thursday. Certain games however are required to be released on Sunday because a large number of people call out...namely it caused high instances of truancy. This is why Final Fantasy, Monster Hunter, or any other big release is usually on a Sunday.

On another note, I actually wondered if Nintendo would be releasing games on Tuesday now since they will have more multi-plats. It's hard to imagine a publisher would want to release 2 days earlier on one system (or 5 days later), just because Nintendo has a Sunday release day. Makes me curious if release days will be spread out over the week, which would be kind of annoying to keep track of if you buy a lot of games.
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MNGamer-N  +   528d ago
I don't care to pick mine up at midnight. If I did, I'd be up until 5 in the morning, then I'd be fuc*ed the entire next day. Get some sleep. Get it first thing in the morning, then play all day long on Sunday. Better yet, play on the gamepad AND watch the football game!
WiiUalpha  +   528d ago
I live in a small town and my gs is doing one.I love how one random person says something and ppl run with it like its fact..

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