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Miyamoto discusses ideas of F-Zero and Metroid on Wii U

GoNintendo shares Miyamoto thoughts on F-Zero Wii U and Metroid Wii U. (Industry, Shigeru Miyamoto, Wii U)

omarzy  +   530d ago
Cannot wait for a new Metroid. I don't Know if i want a 2D or 3D one. 2D would feel refreshing, but a 3D one could really show off the Wii U and Gamepad functions.
deafdani  +   529d ago
How about a 2D one for the 3DS, and a 3D one for Wii U? :D

Or better yet, a hybrid like Metrodi: Other M for Wii U, but with good dialogue good voice acting, and more emphasis on exploration, and a good argument for having to unlock your Varia suit powers as the game progresses... basically, Other M without the flaws.

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colonel179  +   529d ago
Metroid: Other M was horrendous! It had a good concept that if made by Nintendo or some other developer would be great. The idea of having Samus being a little emo bitch was just very disappointing. I hope Nintendo totally ignores that the game existed when doing another one.

A 2D Metroid for 3DS would be really cool. Especially if it is in 3D but in 2D-2.5D perspective.

A new Star Fox is a MUST! The franchise skipped one whole generation, and I can see it work really well with the gamepad; and having graphics like current HD consoles can do or better would look fantastic. For both Metroid and Star Fox
-NosTalgia-  +   529d ago
How about discussing a new ip? Is this it? Is this what Nintendo is going to bring to the table this gen another F-Zero,Metroid,Mario Kart,Smash bros.,Mario Tennis etc. It's a NEW GEN Nintendo create some new damn ip's. For the record I do like Metroid and F-Zero but look at Sony they mix things up with new & familiar ip's in a gen.
omarzy  +   529d ago
@NostTalgia. At least use some better examples.

Another F-Zero? Last one was over 8 years ago.

Another Metroid? 4 home console Metroid games in the last 18 years.

Another Smash Bros? 3 smash bros games over the last 13 years.

I complain about how they do not make enough games for these franchises.

You cannot really say "another" Bla bla when you look at how little these franchises are used in all those years.

I would like some new ip as well, but 4 home console metroid games in 18 years...3 smash every 13 years? Not much room for complaining that they make too much of those games.
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herbs  +   529d ago
I like your idea except I don't want any voice acting period. Same thing with Zelda, I'm fine with reading text. I really don't understand why so many people want this.
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FlairSomewhere  +   529d ago
I almost imagine that Other M should have been a 3DS title.
It's 2.5D perspective (most of the time) and fixed camera angles seem ripe for 3D gimmicky goodness (not hating on 3D, I just don't know what to call it).
-NosTalgia-  +   529d ago
Just because their used once a gen still doesn't give Nintendo a free pass, the fact is Nintendo continues to go to these same wells over and over without anything new that's my problem with Nintendo their predictable and you said it yourself you want new ip's as well so why sugar coat Nintendo's laziness when it comes to new ip's? You can have both you know as I said Sony does a good job at mixing new/old.
omarzy  +   529d ago
I said some new ip would be nice but,if i can get more than one smash bros or zelda every 6 years, then i'm not complain.ing. Not really sugar coating anything. I'd like some new ip's, but i also think that some key franchises are not being used enough like Metroid, Smash Bros and such. Also, they are Lazy by no means. These games they make show a lot of work and dedication.

A key reason we don't see many new ip's from them is that nobody buys them. If people stopped buying and craving current ips' then they might make some new ones, but demand doesn't fall.

I have read statements by various devs stating that they do not feel confident releasing many games on Nintendo consoles because they will never sell well when Nntendo keeps making Mario and Zelda.

I want them to make new ip's, but the demand for a new ip actually needs to show and until core Nintendo fans actually start caring about games besides Nintendo games, then unfortunately it will not happen. Its a shame.

Besides there are plenty of other games besides 1st party games on the consoles. People just have to look for them.
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Y_5150  +   529d ago
Nintendo has already made a new Ip(s) next gen already! Have you heard of the upcoming title for WiiU called "The Wonderful 101"? Nintendo probably didn't developed or published but it's still a new Ip exclusive to a Nintendo platform. Also for the 3DS Eshop, there's a great puzzle game called "Pushmo" and it's developed by the same guys behind Paper Mario. Are you surprised by what I'm telling you buddy?
MasterCratosKong66  +   529d ago

Not trying to be a wise guy or anything because I would welcome more new ip's from nintendo with open arms, but you said that sony does a good job of mixing old/new and besides MGS I can't really think of anything that is from the original PS days to justify the "old" part of that statement so what did you have in mind? Like I said not tryin to disrespect I just want to know so i can go play them
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-NosTalgia-  +   529d ago

Gran Turismo(PS1),Wipeout(PS1),Twis ted Metal(PS1),Warhawk/Starhawk(PS 1),GOW(PS2),
Killzone(PS2),SLY(PS2),Ratche t(PS2). All these mixed in this gen with new ip's
Little Big Planet,Uncharted,Infamous,Resi stance,Motorstorm,The Last of Us,Puppeteer,Heavenly Sword,Folklore,Heavy Rain,Beyond,Demon's Souls(co developed by Sony Japan Studios). Now do you think Nintendo will use their studios to create even half of what Sony did this gen with new ip's? I doubt it but as usual you just can't criticize Nintendo as their fanboys will make excuses for them.
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quantae06  +   529d ago
@ -NosTalgia- Nintendo is supposed to release a new ip with Monolith. They have already confirmed it. But they haven't said what kind of game it could be yet though. Monolith made Disaster Day Of Crisis & Xenoblade Chronicles. I won't be shocked if it's an action rpg or some kind of an action shooter.
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morkendo23  +   529d ago
Miyamoto discusses ideas of F-Zero and Metroid on Wii U

add CONTRA,GRADIUS,R-TYPE,CASTLEV ANIA have RETRO studio develope them.

that'll be done deal.
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jakmckratos  +   529d ago
Are you kidding me? 2-D games really don't need to exist anymore..I don't even like littlebigplanet that much and that let's people create any game they want! DOnt get me wrong I'd love nintendo try to prove me wrong but I could entirely get behind a 3-D metroid on the wii U...no problem
Qrphe  +   529d ago
It might not sell Mario Kart numbers, but F-Zero is truly Nintendo's best racing franchise. It does appear we are getting an F-Zero this time around!
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Knight_Crawler  +   529d ago
Nintendo is going to need there Forza or GT for the Wii U if they want to compete with the big boys.

Mario Kart is fun but they need a racing sim that will blow people away...FZero is not realistic but its a start if Nintendo can throw some realistic physics in there.
dark-hollow  +   529d ago
F-Zero have less to do with games like forza and gt as much as Mario kart.
auragenz  +   529d ago
The following info comes from Shigeru Miyamoto...


- wants people to enjoy the F-Zero attraction in Nintendo Land
- Wants to know why people want a new F-Zero

Why do people want a new F-Zero? So they don't have to play Nintendo Land to experience a New F-Zero.
colonel179  +   529d ago
Miyamoto is aware that people want F-Zero. If Nintendo Land does well, it might be the chance to bring the franchise back. Which I am sure it will. After all, they need to have more games for the Wii U.

Also, I think Nintendo will be doing more new IPs this generation. I have a feeling that we will see a new game at E3 next year done by Miyamoto, and the game being done by Retro Studios.
auragenz  +   529d ago
In the article Miyamoto says

- thought people had gotten tired of the series

When combined with

- Wants to know why people want a new F-Zero

He doesn't exactly sound like he's all behind making another, in fact I think he's just counting on selling us an upscaled digital gamecube version and calling it creative.
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ronin4life  +   529d ago
"in fact I think he's just counting on selling us an upscaled digital gamecube version and calling it creative"

The fact that they haven't made another one in so long kind of crushes that theory though.
dark-hollow  +   529d ago
"selling us an upscaled digital gamecube version"

Honestly I wouldn't mind an HD version of F zero GX on the Wii u.
grayfoxx881  +   529d ago
I remember playing Metroid Prime my freshman year of college. Actually neglected a lot of homework because of that game. Probably my favorite GameCube game. Hopefully we see something Metroid-related on the Wii U, 3D or 2D.
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metroidfusion2  +   529d ago
nerdkiller  +   529d ago
calm down you butt licker no one is talking bad about nintendo here.
stragomccloud  +   529d ago
If a Metroid is 2D, I'd like to use the gamepad, but if it's 3D, I'd really like to use the Wii remote and nunchuck a la Metroid Prime Trilogy.
nerdkiller  +   529d ago
i want retro to make all of nintendos games, and give them a chance to make new ip.
RedSoakedSponge  +   529d ago
OMG! an F Zero game would be a soul reason to own a Wii U for me. i loved the N64 game back in the day. was incredible!
Dgamer  +   529d ago
I would like the next F-Zero to have up to 24 racers online play, voice chat, and for the game pad to initialize hyper speed in first person view when aligned with the TV screen. Also I would like hover craft customization options with a profile for online races.

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