$250 million GTA: San Andreas lawsuit fails

Appeals court judge denies supposed Cypress Hill backup singer's claims that Rockstar used his likeness as model for CJ character.

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mafiahajeri1750d ago (Edited 1750d ago )

I google imaged him he doesnt look like CJ did this guy actually think he would win? LOL. Im glad he didnt. If anything CJ was supposed to be Tupac and big smoke was biggie and Ryder was Eazy E, also sweet might have been ICE cube.

This nobody has no right to say his likeness was stolen...

DeadManMcCarthy1750d ago

Yeah it looks nothing like him, who the hell is he anyway? lol a backup singer? Who even cares about backup singers anyway.

llMurcielagoll1750d ago

Didn't know one can copyright his own "likeness"

KingPin1750d ago

he's a nobody with no case. this nobody on the other hand might have a legit case.

WrAiTh Sp3cTr31750d ago

The difference between you the nobody and the nobody you posted a picture of didn't go to meet Rockstar like the nobody of this article did.

1750d ago
josephayal1750d ago

$250 million ? no way MEH!

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