Is Gaming Too Hard? Examination of Difficulty Settings and Games

Excerpt: A game’s difficulty is a very interesting thing. Sometimes it defines a game, and sometimes it destroys a game. In some cases, people hail it as the thing that makes a game a hit, while other games live in infamy thanks to just how difficult they are. Difficulty is certainly a subjective measure, and certain people are going to find different thing more difficult than others, but when the majority of a community holds one opinion, It’s probably a fairly good measure of a games difficulty.
So what happens when a game, or part of a game is so mind-numbingly, pants-dirtyingly hard?

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Cam9772329d ago

Absolutely not - if anything, I'd argue they're too easy.

Nitrowolf22329d ago

ha with the addition of save where ever you want, checkpoints, and even difficulty settings, they have gotten easier. Heck even though KZ2 Radec boss was crazy hard, at least we didn't have start teh whole game over again after dieing like we did for old NES, and such.

God I remember trying to beat GTA: SA without a dam memory card XD. Left the console on for weeks lol

chobit_A5HL3Y2329d ago

play doa5 on the hardest difficulty.

Aghashie2329d ago

Play Virtua Fighter on the hardest difficulty.

Temporary2329d ago

I was gaming since the NES age...I KNOW what difficult is as well as everyone else who didnt just start gaming last gen haha.

isarai2329d ago

The fact that this comment has 0 dislikes on N4G speaks for itself

Knight_Crawler2329d ago

Play Hot Line Miami and tell me how many times you died before you actually pass the game.

vork772329d ago

then you have not played darksouls lol

Cam9772329d ago

I have completed Demon's and Dark Souls.

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smashcrashbash2329d ago

I agree. A perfect example is Super Mario Brothers. The first three were a serious challenge especially the second and third one.But now I beat them with almost no effort at all. I finished New Super Mario for the DS and thought 'wait, that's it? Are you kidding me?' Many games I can easily breeze through and even hard mode isn't hard anymore. Gaming has gotten so soft and most people don't even care. I sit and watch gaming degenerating before my eyes and most people don't even care.And now people are starting to say single player isn't important anymore. I really think the industry is trying to stop people from buying games or something. People are already buying less and less games and they just seem to be look for more ways to disrupt sales.

schlanz2329d ago

Nsmb was pretty darn easy, but 3d land and both galaxy games had some really challenging stuff. Either way, even when mario is easy its still a joy to play

PureSophistry2329d ago

The examples given are a little more unforgiving that the new Super Mario for DS.

Any individual who questions the fun of games like Dark Souls and Demons Souls and thinks they are easy games are lying to themselves.

Does the mere gimmick of being Hard = More fun?

smashcrashbash2329d ago (Edited 2329d ago )

A game being hard is not a gimmick. The challenge of a game is what is fun. The fact that you feel like you accomplished something especially when someone else didn't. I was proud to tel people that I finished the original TMNT when they claimed it was to hard to do.But what fun is it to breeze through a game and it ends before you even get into it? So yes, challenge does equal fun. What is the point in playing the game if it has almost no challenge at all and you basically stroll through the game and everyone can finish the game in a half a day without breaking a sweat.

When you finished certain games long ago people were in awe that you did it and you felt a sense of accomplishment. In many modern games everyone beats it and you have no feeling of accomplishment at all. I beat New Super Mario for the DS and it was like I might have well not played it at all. I don't even remember any parts that challenged me in the least. In SMB3 I remember perfectly what levels challenged me and I kicked up my heels when I beat them. Now it's 'I beat this game. Whatever' and you just toss it aside and start on another.In NSMB I barely even died and didn't even need extra lives. While in SMB3 I needed every life I had just to survive certain stages. People may pretend that developers aren't purposefully dumbing down and making games too easy but any seasoned gamer can see it happening.

ShaunCameron2329d ago (Edited 2329d ago )

Man, that's an old gimmick arcade developers used as a way to get gamers to waste more quarters trying to beat the stage back in the day. Talk about price-gouging!

<Does the mere gimmick of being Hard = More fun?>

If there's one good thing about today's games being easy, it's that you no longer need cheats to beat them unlike some 8 and 16-bit era games which required them and GameGenie/GameShark just to stand a fighting chance.

torchic2329d ago

I see your point.

one thing about games back in the day was that they were difficult, but in a stupid way. like a cheap boss with 50 arms and one hit K.O. and that definitely was a gimmick.

modern games like Killzone 2 for me present a better kind of difficulty

prototypeknuckles2329d ago

well back then yes, even ps2 games had a lot of challenge but nowadays these games are hella easy.

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