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Library of Congress Rejects Exemption, Rules JailBreaking PS3 Illegal

As of October 26, 2012 the Library of Congress has rejected a proposed exemption that would allow for the JailBreaking of video game consoles including the PlayStation 3, ruling that PS3 JailBreaking is to be considered illegal under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA). (PS3)

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MmaFan-Qc  +   819d ago
BUT BUT BUT..... to wont have a justification to do piracy now..
smashcrashbash  +   819d ago
Since when does anyone need a justification to pirate something? Only idiots believe their excuses and lies any way
lol u will never own a playstation. haha
G33K  +   819d ago
Enjoy that last bubble, buddy.
morganfell  +   819d ago
He can enjoy it. You on the other hand need to be concerned about two of yours.
ALLWRONG  +   819d ago
^^^ irony
nukeitall  +   819d ago

Malice-Flare  +   819d ago
good. the PS3 can already access all ISPs. Jailbreaking is only for phone lock-ins...
killerhog  +   819d ago
Yeah jailbreaking was a term for phones only not consoles. What these hackers were doing was wrong and illegal. If you wanna hack your console no one can stop you (so go for it), but once you try to spread it to all, then you are breaking the law. That's exactly what these hackers are/were doing, spreading exploits and hacks for all to use, even those not tech smart and wouldn't of hacked/modded their console to begin with.
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pixelsword  +   819d ago
Why would the PS3 need jailbreaking? I think the PS3's name was thrown in for hits.
ShaunCameron  +   819d ago
And finally common sense prevails. Kudos to to LOC.
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BrianC6234  +   819d ago
The EFF better watch out. They're turning into criminals. What they wanted isn't needed. Go work on something important EFF.
aiBreeze  +   819d ago
If it wasn't for people like the EFF, I'd dread to think where we'd be when it comes to our rights on the internet.
rainslacker  +   819d ago
The EFF's mission is actually one for consumer rights and technological advancement through understanding. They didn't take on this case to support the pirates, they did it to support a more open view of computers, research, and tools needed to make all of it work.

If it weren't for pirates though it's possible that this exemption could have gone through, but because the record saw a strong history going from homebrew to pirating it was shot down in order to protect the manufacturer and developer's interest.

Unfortunately there seems to be a lot more pirates than homebrewers, which is why honest consumers get the shaft.

I know the article is long, but you should maybe read it. It's quite interesting.
nukeitall  +   819d ago
Well said!

The issue at hand is, it isn't illegal to use a knife. It is illegal to use a knife to kill a person.

The law should allow "jailbreaking" while piracy is already illegal under the law.

It is akin to making it illegal to use a knife, even though there are plenty of legitimate uses.
Qrphe  +   819d ago
It's not going to do much. Exploits will still be widely available online. How are they even going to persecute CFW users?

Watch them use this as an excuse to give us another SOPA.
ALLWRONG  +   819d ago
Good, hackers be damned
GTRrocker666  +   819d ago
What if you jailbreak it but dont pirate?
Dark_Overlord  +   819d ago
That's what people don't get, not everyone wants to use if for piracy. I purchased a 2nd PS3 which I'm hoping to jailbreak just to turn into a media centre. People say 'well why don't you get a PC to do it etc etc', my reply is 'because its smaller and looks nicer next to the TV :) (And it only cost me £40, which is far cheaper than a PC)
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Mounce  +   818d ago
Problem is not a lot of people have what you have, called Honesty, maybe ontop of not being a cheap bitch. People as soon as they see they can get something for Free and Not have to pay for something? They just do it whether illegal or not then say "WHY NOT? ITS FREE" kind of bullshit excuse, which they will fight to the fucking death to defend themselves even if they're in the wrong.

Eternally, human greed and selfishness is the Majority of what will happen. You see an old lady drop a wad of cash, would you take it cause ZOMG FREE MONEY, I COULD BUY SO MUCH WITH IT!1!1....Return the money to the old lady or, take the money. Steal a PC instead of buying a PC, then steal games instead of buying games on your stolen PC. Or summed. People would rather fucking steal shit and think themselves as in the right so as long as they don't get their hands dirty or don't get caught, if they feel confident in their ability to snake away from consequences, they will do so. That is humanity.

I'd rather use pirating as what I do use it for game-wise. I use it to Demo full games, if I love the game, I buy it to collect it. If the given demo isn't enough to make me think its worth buying, I'll demo the full game to be 100% sure that it's worth my money. I 'always' support companies that put effort and have passion to making games. Many games that were singleplayer or even didn't have long replay value, I still bought it, I happily supported Indie Packs, Amnesia, Anna, Dishonored (and their prior game Arx Fatalis. Games like Natural Selection 2, Hawken, Anna, Dear Esther and ESPECIALLY Legend of Grimrock, I want them to succeed and continue their passion. It's how a true gamer should feel to me. Hope for the best and wish for success, help promote the life of a company who works for themselves and works for OUR enjoyment. I won't fuel greed or 'Business'-oriented studios who push out games for the sake of Money Over Consumers. I know which companies are which....

This has been my novel.
0pie  +   819d ago
good news for sony but personnaly i counldnt care less... I dont need to jailbreak or pirate games. I've got a life, a job and money.

Pirating games is only usefull for poor people.
DarkZane  +   819d ago
Not that it matters if it's illegal or not. You can pirate as much as you want, they won't come after you if you do it for personal use. There is far too much pirates out there to go after all of them.

Also, this only apply to USA. If you live anywhere like Europe or even Canada, you can still do pretty much what you want since it's not really illegal.
gatormatt80  +   819d ago
They're coming after the personal use pirates as well...

dorron  +   819d ago
If something has been proven all the time is there's no stopping technology and hackers.

If someone wants to pirate something they will still do it. They don't need politicians approval for that...so, not much of a difference with this bill.
azshorty2003  +   818d ago
But didn't they deem that it's perfectly legal to do on an iPhone? I have a feeling Apple will be repealing if that's the case.
PirateThom  +   818d ago
It was deemed legal on an iPhone due to network locking.

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