PlayStation All-Stars Bio: Big Daddy

Welcome to the next PS All-Stars Battle Royale character bio, presented by the Daily Reaction team of Seb and Dan. Today we look at Big Daddy, his background, which games he has been in, as well as taking a quick look at his character’s move list.

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alexcosborn1998d ago

Best character in the All-Stars lineup and he's not even from a Sony-exclusive franchise!


smashcrashbash1998d ago (Edited 1998d ago )

What crap are you talking about? Since when is Big Daddy the best character in the All Stars line up? I personally am loving Sir Dan and can't wait to use him.

Blastoise1998d ago

Well, that's your opinion. I think the line up is epic, even without Crash.

Foolsjoker1998d ago

I agree he's one of the better characters, he's darker than most of the other competitors, which gives the game a nice and darker tone.

fantasygamer1997d ago (Edited 1997d ago )

I like Toro, Nariko and also Sackboy who will be my main and is Big Daddy's Rival.

cpayne931997d ago

What do you mean by best? Most powerful? Interesting? Cuz he doesn't appear to be either to me.

profgerbik1997d ago (Edited 1997d ago )

Lol why did this get so many people disagreeing with you?

I love Bioshock and Big Daddy will be one of my favorites and the reason Bid Daddy is in All-Stars is because Bioshock will become an exclusive Sony title at least on the Vita.

They have plans for Bioshock on the Vita (which is safe to assume it will be it's own version compared to the others) so with that in mind it is not surprising seeing Big Daddy added to the line up.

smashcrashbash1997d ago

He is not implying that Big Daddy is his favorite characters. He is claiming everyone else is $hit and Big Daddy is the only good one in the whole game. He is also implying that Big Daddy is better then all of Sony's exclusive characters meaning the best games on the Ps3 are third party games.

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TrendyGamers1998d ago

After putting in lots of time with Kratos, Big Daddy will be my next used character.

Outside_ofthe_Box1997d ago

No surprise that one of cheapest characters in Kratos will be your most used as it will be everyone's most used character.

TrendyGamers1997d ago

I just really like Kratos. It was the same story with Mortal Kombat.

ZodTheRipper1998d ago

Doesn't appeal to me as much as other characters but I'll definately try him out!

knifefight1997d ago

*Glances at your avatar*

...To punch him? ^_^

ZodTheRipper1997d ago

Hahaha :D
Yes I played with Kratos in the beta almost all the time, but he's definately not the character I'll stick with :)

steveg25641998d ago

I like the variety of characters in this game. They all play so differently and require a different strategy. I like the lineup and any additional characters will be a nice bonus. Looking forward to the 20th!

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