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Video Games Live with Tommy Tallarico

Video Games Live is an amazing musical experience that encompasses one's true love for gaming, as well as one's love for music. The show brings gamers of all ages together in a exciting, high-energy environment that is completely unparalleled by traditional concerts. It's no question that Tommy Tallarico and his team have done it again. (3DS, Culture, Nintendo DS, PC, PS3, Retro, Video Games Live, Wii, Wii U, Xbox 360)

for we are many  +   528d ago
I had the opportunity to attend a Video Games Live event in Winnipeg when I was living there about two years ago, and it was an amazing and unforgettable experience, I strongly recommend it to anyone, gamer or not.
Getowned  +   527d ago
Tommy Tallarico is a legend, I'm a huge fan. I remember watching him on "Electric Play Ground" and "Reviews On The Run" years ago and I was so upset when he left those shows, he was hilarious!. I haven't been to video games lives yet but I really want to, I've seen videos of Video Games Live and it looks like a lot of fun.
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P_Bomb  +   527d ago
It's a great show. Speaking of Winnipeg, it was just there on Oct 31st.
nassour  +   527d ago
The Montreal show was just a blast, too bad the guys that were chosen to play smash on stage weren't on part with the actual show!
teezanpleez  +   527d ago
i was there !!! and it was soooooooooooo good !!!
SegaSonicFan112  +   527d ago
i sooooo wiiisshhheeeeddd i was there cause at the ssbb part i wouldve raised my hand X.X
Jon_Fu_  +   527d ago
Wow, what a great show it was this year!
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candybooty  +   527d ago
Tommy is actually too funny in that video, I miss seeing him on tv
Jon_Fu_  +   527d ago
You and me both, miss booty
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ChampOfChamps  +   527d ago
Tommy = Champion.
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