All 14 Black Ops 2 MP Maps Loading Screen Leaked

Developing Story: A Call of Duty: Elite server update has revealed all 14 Black Ops 2 Multiplayer map loading screens, notice that Nuketown 2025 has not yet been added. These images come from a similar file location that all the BO2 Multiplayer Prestige Emblems were leaked from earlier today.

Each of the map cards are shown below, but with also the original sources watermark.

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MattyG1810d ago

Express, Meltdown and Carrier all look interesting. Can't wait to get playing!

Welshy1810d ago

So it the Multiplayer portion based on the future or cold war? or both?

Some of the maps look more like BLOPS1, whereas the large round terminal building and cruise ship look more future...

MattyG1810d ago

I think some locations may be cold war, but weaponry is all future.

THESONYPS31809d ago

Not all places will look futuristic in the future, so possibly the could be futuristic too but not look it. But probally will in include both.

Blastoise1810d ago

I'll be that one guy who votes for the tactical maps whilst everyone votes for whichever one's the equivalent of firing range :P

MattyG1810d ago (Edited 1810d ago )

Oh god, firing range. I forgot just how bad it was. *shudders* Not in design, in how people played it.

miDnIghtEr20C_SfF1810d ago

COD sucks! BF rules!!!!!

Is what I'd be saying if I was someone still playing a Year old BF! Muhahahahahahaha!

I can't wait for Black Ops 2! Took the day off to enjoy it and BBQ, have some beers, and play some COD! I can't wait!

DA_SHREDDER1810d ago

Only 14 maps at launch? Looks like COD might be taking a toll on the employees at Activision. I know I would be tired of looking at the same crap for 6 years straight.

StrawberryDiesel4201810d ago

yea samed happened with Bungie and Halo. M$ wanted more and more and Bungie couldn't stand to look at that slop anymore so they jumped ship.

3-4-51810d ago

That is the most maps for a COD. It's always 14. Halo only has 10. Your acting like it's a bad thing.

name 2-3 games that ship with more than 14 maps.

bangshi1810d ago

No, actually you are wrong it isn't.

MW3 had 16 maps from the get-go.

14 is a good amount, and remember it isn't about quantity, it is about quality.

MW3 has 16 maps, but half suck ass.

XboxInnovation1810d ago

No wonder they're bringing nuketown back these maps look horrible. Where are snow maps?

S_C1810d ago

i'm glad there's no snow maps, every snow map to date in COD i have hated

bangshi1810d ago

Treyarch snow maps are good, IW snow maps are terrible, dull and washed-out crap.

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