130° - What You Can't Find In The Manual For 'Need for Speed: Most Wanted'

There have been a ton of questions regarding the fact that the PS3 and Vita versions of NFS: Most Wanted interact, well, here are those answers!

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morkendo231995d ago

What You Can't Find In 'Need for Speed: Most Wanted'

hard to find cars,unlocking tracks is difficult. HOTPURSUIT 2 was much enjoyable.

Mocat1995d ago

Yep most wanted doesn't bring anything new to the table it's just hot pursuit with some diffrent options

DrDeath1994d ago

its need for speed. what more can they do? every racing game has the same formula and this formula has been around since the PSX. its still fun to play. especially on Vita its a great game. One of the best it has for sure.

Mocat1993d ago

Maybe they could bring tuning back but i guess that would be too much work.Greedy companies are greedy