Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn Series Finally Complete

The final episode of Halo 4 – Forward Unto Dawn was released and it makes the entire series complete. However it may not necessarily mark the end of the Halo series, there will be more incentives such as these in the future quite after the release of Halo 4.

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DarkFireHawk1903d ago

I think it was a great series, i almost cried at the end:
* Where the cadet sacrificed himself - or at least attempted to *

otherZinc1902d ago

This was terrific!

I read this cost about 10million to make, not sure.
However, if this is how M$ is going to use my XBOX Live money; among other things...Please, go right ahead! I'll continue supporting extras like this!

No other console maker is offering something like this at no charge, when it cost them Millions!

Great innovation M$!

palaeomerus1902d ago

I suspect the commercials that play with it, the Mountain Dew and the Doritios deals helped pay for it.

But yeah marketing for Halo stuff has almost always been pretty top notch and weirdly disarming.

The Halo 2 E3 trailer where chief dives out onto a Covenant vessel.

Halo 3's 'Kids -> Bubble shield' add. The Museum for the final battle against the Covenant shorts and interviews with old veterans remembering how the human ALMOST went extinct were kind of sad.

The Halo Wars ad where the marines are panicking and being killed by something invisible. (hell the cutscenes in Halo Wars kicked a LOT of ass. The three spartans in that were AWESOME just butchering some assaulting elites left and right like it was nothing to hold them back. )

ODST's "Helljumper" training add isn't so great but it does carry the idea that they must be trained and have their own daredevil half suicidal military culture instilled on them somehow.

Reach's 'Kat and the original Nobel 6 vs. the Covenant cruiser' trailer.

Now they made a whole short and sad movie about how one of the officers on the Infinity met Master Chief.

In some ways playing on those kind of emotions to sell a sci-fi video game is a little bit distasteful. You really aren't supposed to be asked to cry for and respect the sacrifices of veterans who never lived in wars that were never fought. It's silly.

But the ads overall can be kind of powerful.

The ad with Kat being downed and stunned and looking up to see Nobel Six (the first) taking up the burden for her...and not coming back, still kind of makes me get a little weepy when I see it.

Septic1902d ago

An excellent ending to a really well produced series. I can't think of another live action series produced so well to complement a video game.

This just shows that a Halo movie could potentially be brilliant.

DarkFireHawk1902d ago

Lets have our fingers crossed. I really hope they do a Halo movie.

Excited2play1902d ago

I have to agree, It was a fun ride.

swice1902d ago

I can't wait for the 90 minutes of extra footage in the Limited Edition of the game