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League of Legends, the next SC2?

Heavy is the head that wears the crown – with it comes responsibility, trend setting precedent, and leadership duties, but also prestige, honor, and a place in history. In today’s esports world, there are a number of games played at major competitions such as Halo, Tekken, Mortal Kombat, Call of Duty and a few others, but none generate the level of excitement from arguably the two most dominant games out there now, Starcraft 2 and League of Legends. (League of Legends, PC, Starcraft II)

gemugurl  +   662d ago
I disagree with the article. Starcraft 2 is still the biggest game out there. What do u guys think?
thrasherv3  +   662d ago
How is SC2 the "biggest game out there?"

And Im not sure how you can disagree with numbers and facts...
gemugurl  +   662d ago
I feel like sc2 still gets more coverage than league of legends
ThanatosDMC  +   662d ago
League is bigger than SC2 now. SC2 has great casters though. I also dont like how Blizzard doesnt know what the heck they're doing with HotS units especially the Protoss.
JsonHenry  +   662d ago
When Dota 2 releases (for free) it will replace LoL for good.

And I think that LoL does make a lot more noise and have a higher profile than SC2 does.
kwyjibo  +   662d ago
I hope Dota 2 does take the crown, but it's not something you can take for granted.

League is the biggest, because China is Tencent's home turf. Going to be real difficult for Valve to make inroads into the Chinese market without a Chinese partner - they've mentioned previously that they'll need help to work there.
ThanatosDMC  +   662d ago
Yeah, the declining numbers of players from 1M+ to the now 50K players... i dont think so. You can see the stats on Steam.

I think Steam Workshop was a bad idea for Dota 2. It allowed the community to make great items split the community and Valve and vanilla players.
PeZuS  +   662d ago
The number of Dota 2 players playing it simultaneously has never been higher than now and it has never been over 1m lol. It's still in (closed) beta, and they are steadily increasing the player base. When Dota 2 will be officially released, it will be HUGE. There's no doubt about that
nassour  +   662d ago
To be honest, League of Legends is now the single biggest game i wonder how even bigger it'll get?!
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Capt-FuzzyPants  +   662d ago
The thing I like about League of Legends is the price. The thing I don't like is the unforgiving community.
taquito  +   662d ago
I like LoL but....yeah...no

sc2 is 1v1 pure chess skills

sc2 is 100% the best, most difficult to master, most balanced multiplayer game ever concieved

lol is a bunch of kids running around willy-nilly with low skill, low apm and loud mouths

sc2 game of the century

I'm serious, there is only one game in the history of games that may, MAY be better, Baldurs Gate 2 SoA
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nassour  +   662d ago
Strategically they both have their merits but i think what LoL does better is how accessible it is to everyone.

But Starcraft 2, in my opinion, still remains the top in terms of strategy and competition i find.
ThanatosDMC  +   662d ago
Play rank LoL. I only got 1v1 low-medium masters Zerg in SC2 but LoL is more fun with teammates. LoL is full of trolls and noobs if you play with randoms in normal. Profile levels doesnt justify skill level.
Deathdeliverer  +   662d ago
League of Legends is something I play regularly. They hit the sweet spot between ease of use and competitiveness. It's the Wii of MOBA's. Might not be the best looking or deepest one out there, especially next to Dota 2, but you can't deny it's stranglehold on the market.
Jon_Fu_  +   662d ago
Gotta love games that are FTP lol
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kwyjibo  +   662d ago
League is easily the biggest thing out there. Blizzard might be big, but it's not bigger than Tencent.
teezanpleez  +   662d ago
i personnally think LoL is the best cause its all about tactics and team work !!! and maybe cause LoL focuses on only one big event that make it special !!! theyre so many SC2 events thats it feels like no one cares anymore .... LoL everybody is excited about it
ChampOfChamps  +   662d ago
Starcraft and Lol both have their merits - Lol is free to play, but does this really compare with Starcraft 2 and the deepness of the strategy it takes to win? Lol can be incredibly deep as well, but the point of the article is that Blizzard has been neglecting S2C on a casual level - much to the detriment of the casual player, which is what matters. Pro players have it good in SC2 - it's simply not the same in Lol. Everyone is more or less on an equal playing field, which people actually appreciate very much. This is a fundamental difference between the two companies, and the philosophies behind the two games.

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