Top 50 Halo Moments

NowGamer: List of the top 50 moments across the Halo series to date.

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Snookies121993d ago

50? That's a lot lol, what are they including every battle from every game?

Irishguy951993d ago (Edited 1993d ago )

Why not try....reading the article!


**** don't bother. 50 pages.

DoomeDx1993d ago

Thanks for that. Now they wont get my click

MidnytRain1993d ago

Lol, FIFTY PAGES? That's taking hit-seeking to a whole new level. **** THAT.

DarkBlood1993d ago

well thats nothing compared what happen to me yesterday *multilayer* to me jumping off and just as i was about to land i get hit by a warthog lol

bubblebeam1993d ago

I just watched all of the cut-scenes from Halo 1 and 2 last night, it came with the legendary edition.

One of my favourite moments was when Chief opened the door and grabbed Jenkins body in Combat Evolved. The Chief was being paranoid. It was so awesome, as he never looked like the guy to be startled.

Also, the mission replay in Jenkins helmet. Awesome.