Super Mario Galaxy: An Undeserving #1

GameRankings recently declared Super Mario Galaxy as the highest-rated game of all time, inching out over long-time leader The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time by a mere hundredth of a percent. However, does Galaxy truly deserve the award? According to editor Jay Curtis, the answer is "certainly not."

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-Mika-2059d ago

Great article and it shows how game reviewers are biased towards Nintendo. It seem like Nintendo games always get a free pass when it comes to their games and I really don't like that. It just unfair.

TheMrFraz2059d ago

Certainly shows that hitting all the right notes in a checklist of Story, Graphics, Gameplay, etc. during development isn't required to create a beloved and memorable game.

Peppino72059d ago

I believe Uncharted 2 did advance all those areas you mentioned and was awarded for it. Just because awards weren't as prevalent in the past as they are now doesn't mean you can't compare games. Although this appears to be a subjective issue, Uncharted 2 is the game that many developers try to learn from and attempt to beat. OoT was amazing as a child but Uncharted 2 blew me away as an adult, which I believe is harder to do.

deletingthis346753342059d ago

Sorry but Uncharted 2 advanced in everything but gameplay. A run of the mill third person shooter with above average graphics and storytelling is still a run of the mill third person shooter. Graphics don't fix a game with a linear and shallow level design, clunky controls, the fact you can only carry two guns simultaneously, and some stupid regenerative health and checkpoints that hold your hand through the game's toughest parts, just like 59302 other shooters on the market.

Phil322059d ago

Expected post from -Mika-. I think I can die a happy man now.

zebramocha2059d ago

@mika I don't think all reviewers are biase but inconsistent which leads to score being all over the place.

omarzy2059d ago

"It seem like Nintendo games always get a free pass"

Then they have been getting a free pass for the last 25 years. Either that or people actually like Nintendo games.

Your entire comment is just a complaint against Nintendo and Nintendo games in general rather than thoughts on Mario Galaxy in particular.

Temporary2059d ago (Edited 2059d ago )

Nintendo deserves the praise for their Mario Galaxy games (and most of their 1st party games present and past).

To say otherwise just shows how disconnected you are from "REAL" gamers. A REAL gamer can play a game like Mario Galaxy and UNDERSTAND why it's the highest rated game of all time. It has a very WIDE demographic, its gameplay is fantastic, and it also has the nostalgic factor because over the past 25 years no matter what the main Mario games have always been quality games.

Im guessing the author would rather have Halo or CoD as the top games of all time...which means they dont understand gaming at all, they just understand what they themselves deem worthy of praise.

The Super Mario Galaxy series is top notch, and I personally wouldnt call it the best game EVER, but i UNDERSTAND why it IS the best game ever by many people's opinions.

ALLWRONG2059d ago

-Mika- tinfoil hat much?

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Snookies122059d ago

It was an amazingly fun game, but there's no way I'd rate it as the best game ever.

Samus HD2059d ago

I would, because fun is what really matters, and I hope the next Smash bros will go even higher :)

Snookies122059d ago

While I agree that fun is what matters in most cases. There are just some games that were much more memorable than Galaxy in my opinion. Most of which funny enough were on Nintendo consoles lol. (SNES)

Samus HD2059d ago

you think they were more memorable because that's when you started playing and has been a long time now. So SMG is gonna be very memorable not only because of the fact that is nr.1 now but it's a unique masterpiece

Pozzle2059d ago

It's a great game, but I certainly wouldn't consider it the BEST game ever created. Heck, it isn't even my favorite 3D Mario game.

TheMrFraz2059d ago

Completely agree with you. For whatever reason, I'm still so fond of Sunshine.

Temporary2059d ago

For some reason the thing i remember most about Sunshine is its music. There are some tunes that i found were very hard to forget.

RAFFwaff2059d ago

You don't give any examples as to what YOU would consider the greatest ever game. Because the issue is subjective to each individual, your choice would have been torn to bits as well. Mario Galaxy is the highest rated game ever, but that that does not make it the best game ever- no one states or has stated this, and that's your mistake in writing this article. Even when Ocarina of Time was the highest rated game ever, nintendo sold it in adverts for the 3ds as "one of the greatest games of all time." how could Mario Galaxy be universally declared the greatest game of all time, when not even all game magazines reviewed it (xbox and playstation for example, and perhaps their user base more than most would have brought Galaxy average score down a bit.) Nintendo have perfected the platform genre, which is a very small part of the overall games business. Was Mario Galaxy an evolution in platforming, rather than an outright 'revolution'? I would say, "yes". Therefore, the real question to be asked would be, is Mario Galaxy the greatest platfomer ever? It's a much more realistic debate anyway.

smashcrashbash2059d ago (Edited 2059d ago )

I personally think Okami was the greatest game of all time. It was the one game that deserved better then it was given. It deserved to be on a pedestal and instead it was thrown aside.

@ RAFFwaff BTW SMG wasn't an evolution in platforming. Ratchet and Clank Going Commando and Up Your Arsenal had spherical worlds with platforming before SMG ever existed.They didn't evolve platforming, they just followed behind RAC.It was the first platformer to do it.Give credit where credit is due. Miyamoto even pretended he didn't know what RAC was when people pointed it out.Just more proof of how ignorance is bliss. As long we all pretend someone did something first we can deny any existence of it from before.

omarzy2059d ago (Edited 2059d ago )

."They didn't evolve platforming, they just followed behind RAC."

You cannot honestly believe that the spherical worlds are the only thing that gave Galaxy and RAC the praise that they received.

Galaxy had damn near perfect level design and creativity, and reviews for the game did not credit it for the creation of the spherical worlds. They credited it with the design of the worlds and how they were used.

I could say that RAC is not an evolution in 3d platforming because Super Mario 64 was the first fully 3d platformer. But i am not going to say that because that is just one aspect.

Insomniac and Nintendo were both given tools and it seems reviewers thought Nintendo used the tools better.

I don't think Galaxy is the greatest game ever. RAC did have spherical worlds before Galaxy, but it is how the spherical world design was used.

You can still evolve a genre even if it is not 100 percent original.

smashcrashbash2059d ago (Edited 2059d ago )

That is nonsense. Ratchet and Clank didn't use the spherical world design any worse or better then SMG did. It was exactly the same.And people did praise SMG for the spherical world design and called it revolutionary and evolutionary. My point is that it wasn't. It was Mario with the same design RAC used long before it existed.Miyamoto went as far as to lie that he didn't know that RAC existed to cover up that fact ( design and creativity of the spherical worlds were no better or worse then each other.This is from someone who played both games and had ten times more fun smashing buildings with giant Clank then I had in half the worlds in SMG.Don't get me wrong.I am not saying it was an awful game by any length but not number one by any stretch.Still stand by Okami

zebramocha2059d ago (Edited 2059d ago )

@omarzy Mario 64 wasn't the first 3d platformer game it was two games that beat by 6-7 years prior,alpha waves 1990 and I,robot a arcade game 1983.

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