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Metroid is Perfect for Showcasing What Wii U Can Do

GenGAME writes: "The release of the Wii U is just around the corner, and it won’t be long before all of Nintendo’s major franchises gear up for the next generation. When I look at what the Wii U has to offer, it almost seems as if it was made with Metroid in mind. Metroid Wii U has the potential to be the most impressive entry in the franchise yet. More importantly, a Metroid game on the Wii U would be the perfect way to show what the system is capable of" (Metroid, Wii U)

richierich  +   537d ago
We probably wont see anything from the Wii U Metroid until E3 next year. So far Nintendo hasnt really showed anything to showcase what the Wii U can do
Erimgard  +   537d ago
ZombiU is a good start to bring in the mature audiences, but it's not going to push the Wii U to the max like a Metroid could.
richierich  +   537d ago
The thing is Im dying to see what the Wii U can do graphically in comparison to PS3 and 360
Erimgard  +   537d ago
As am I. We won't see it's full potential for a few years most likely.
guitarded77  +   536d ago
Here's a vid of AC3 compared between the PS3 and Wii U if you're looking for some kind of comparison. There's also the Zelda tech demo which is pretty cool. I don't think the Wii U is going to blow away current HD consoles, but AC3 has some subtle visual differences. I also think Wii U is more about how we play as opposed to visuals.

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Trunkz Jr  +   536d ago

Why? You know those 2 systems will do better in graphics, and they don't produce Metroid so they don't matter.
Jadedz  +   536d ago
''Im dying to see what the Wii U can do graphically...''

One of the highest rated games of this generation.

If they (Nintendo) can gather decent third party support for Wii U, it'll give them time to develop more games in better quality.
Knight_Crawler  +   536d ago
Am I the only one who thinks Nintendo should have not reveled the face of Samus?
zerocrossing  +   536d ago
Would love to see a new Prime trilogy from Retro on Wii U!
8bit_Nes_Rambo  +   536d ago
A 3rd person, survival-horror Metroid directed by Shinji Mikami.
Yodagamer  +   536d ago
Um i don't think i'd want it to go full on survivor horror, so i'd say retro since they've made the best metroid, heck i'd love a 2d one with shinji mikami as a helper because i know he can do a very good atmosphere, but i don't want it to be full on horror.
fossilfern  +   536d ago
I dunno I always felt that Super Metroid in particular was pretty survival horror-ish. The game scared me as a child and as a 22 year old man it can still get to me so a colaberation between Shinji and Nintendo wouldn't be a bad idea at all!
metroid32  +   536d ago
Look fanboys Nintendo has a GameEngine just as powerful as UE4 and CE3 Retro studios have made these Engines and showed one to mark rein and he was very impressed in other words it was as good as his engine so Nintendo will use in house Engines for big games and they will be competing with ps4 ect not current gen ???????? Get a grip wiiu has compute shaders and a gpgpu that is utter powerful in comparison so basically wiiu is a console that can do any graphics out there period.
bishbosh  +   536d ago
Do read article above or link here! http://www.notenoughshaders...

Wii U is next Gen and future proof! it's down to the developers to design games around the power of Wii U! hence until they learn games will look similar to PS3 and xbox which are vastly less powerful machines! it's about time and waiting!!

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