Little Big Planet in a Closed Beta?

Take with a pinch of salt but according to the English forums, a closed beta of Little Big Planet maybe about to get underway.

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Vip3r3565d ago

Lestrade is a Mod on the EU PS forums and works for Sony. So this might hint at a possible beta but I wouldn't be surprised of there won't be one.

Ali_The_Brit3565d ago

an open beta is coming for sure late spring most likely, it looks like sony have given the british moderators of the forums the beta for now. good on ya LBP is a british dev creation and should be treated as such :D

Proxy3565d ago

So anyone can get it?

If so, I guess you can choose to enjoy the free buggy version, or pay 60$ for the full, and less buggy version.

Either way, I'm excited for this game; but I think an OPEN beta may be a bit to good to be true.

Bill Gates3565d ago

Yes, but you BABOONS aren't invited.

Go play with Master Chief....AHAHAAHHAHAHA

psnDevistator3563565d ago

Master Chief sucks balls Bill. You should focus on computers more than games.

Ali_The_Brit3565d ago

proxy. sony or the devs or what ever can close an open beta anytime they want so no not really. and it may not be as easy as on the PSN for download. i.e halo 3 beta came on crackdown game

Sony Soldiers3565d ago (Edited 3565d ago )

All Sony Soldiers can confirm this is FACT. We have all been invited after as thanks after our daring attack on XBL during Christmas season. Here's the news story:

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ALL XBOT PIGS, SWINE, AND GEESE shall bow before General Hirai.
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The story is too old to be commented.