Black Ops 2: "We retain plausibility and authenticity"

CVG - So you've played through multiple prestige levels and handed asses to legions of unwitting noobs. Or perhaps you're one of those unfortunate greenhorns, new to the world's biggest first-person shooter?

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Alos881870d ago

With regenerating health? Yeah, that's realistic.

MattyG1870d ago

He means in terms of the futuristic aspect. Read the article, and if you did then just don't be a COD hating troll.

Alos881870d ago (Edited 1870d ago )

How can you accurately depict the future? It hasn't happened yet!

fredrikpedersen1870d ago

Maybe Treyarch knows something we don't...

ZoyosJD1870d ago games. And realism.

They are not to be used in the same sentence.

Getowned1870d ago

thank god for that I get enough realism in real life x]

MattyG1870d ago

Obviously they aren't trying to accurately depict the future because like you said it hasn't happened yet, but as HE said it isn't laser beams and alien guns. It's weaponry that we have now depicted in a futuristic fashion.

Alos881870d ago

Well a great example of amazing unused weapons technology was Nicholas Tesla's "Directed Energy Weapon", an incredible sounding device that for some reason has never really caught on.

Proof that even real world technology that impressive can still be overlooked, and that the future of weapons can be very hard to predict.

caperjim1870d ago

Why not have one life across multiplayer. Die once then you have to trade in your game. Sound fun? I dont think so.

MysticStrummer1870d ago

Hell no. I'm buying Call of Duty: Buddhist Ops 2 so I can reincarnate.

Tultras1870d ago

Authenticity, not realism, know the difference.

farhad2k81870d ago

Alos88, the guy that gets angry at Treyarch for predicting the future.. in a GAME.

Alos881870d ago (Edited 1870d ago )

farhad2k8, the guy who posts a witty response... THE DAY AFTER ANYONE WILL READ IT.

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Somebody1870d ago

I'm really interested with this one all thanks to the futuristic premise. But they better stop with this plausibility and authenticity claims for a fast paced shooter. The lumbering four legged drone is just begging for a dozen hidden soldiers to lob RPGs at its rear. I don't think current military forces would want to deploy such a slow, vulnerable and easy to be seen/heard piece of machinery crawling its way to the battlefield.

JellyJelly1870d ago

"We paid this war veteran $500 to say that he was involved in the development and that COD is just like being in a war and authentic weapon balancing and blablabla..."

"We retain plausibility and authenticity"

How about retaining some dignity instead of cheating people into buying the same horse sh#t every year?

Heisenburger1870d ago

I love how you put that rubbish in quotes. As if it hides the fact that you are pulling that straight out of your bum.

Tultras1870d ago

Cheating people to buying the same thing every year.

I don't doubt that people can be brainwashed, but seriously, stop being so butthurt because someone wants to buy COD, Grow up.

Killman1870d ago (Edited 1870d ago )

I am buying Black Ops 2, but I do not buy every game in the series. I have not bought ANY of the Modern Warfare games, so I am fine with my current method of buying.

Black Ops 2 really does look fun. I really hate Activision, but Treyarch seems to be doing a great job with this game.

I do wish that some people would stop and think that some people, like me, really enjoy COD but do not buy each new game. I know that a lot of people do and I do think that it is not a smart move, but more power to them I guess.

BLUElightCory1870d ago

He's just talking about how a lot of the future-tech in the game is an evolution of actual, existing technology, which makes it plausible that the technology in the game could exist in 2025.

He's not trying to say the game is super-realistic.