Fuse: 'We're combining co-op with crazy hi-tech weaponry'

CVG - With six years of Resistance development under their belts with Sony, Insomniac are beginning a fresh stage in company history with a new IP - the project known at E3 2011 as Overkill is now called Fuse.

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Jinkies2024d ago

If they continued with Overstrike they could of done the same with better characters and style instead of being b****** around by EA

colonel1792023d ago

Yeah! Overstrike had a really great concept, and it had INSOMINAC written all over it. Fuse is just a generic, been-there, done-that shooter. I don't get why they accepted/decided to change it. If Insmoniac is the owner of the IP, they should have gone with their original vision.

This change is a mistake, and it will certainly will be reflected in sales. Insmoniac can do so much better.

-Mezzo-2023d ago

I excitement foe this title was about 8, but after they changed the style of the Game. I might not pick it up at all.

-Mezzo-2023d ago

WTF, so many spelling mistakes.

Proof Read It Mezzo, Always Proof Read It.

camel_toad2023d ago

Mezzo don't beat yourself up over it. I think the grammar police are off duty right now anyways.

Blankman852023d ago

Funny thing is I didn't notice the spelling errors until you pointed them out lol. The brain is a funny thing

AngelicIceDiamond2023d ago

High Tech weaponry and Co op huh.

Sounds like Borderlands.

camel_toad2023d ago

Yep and a dozen other games as well. I'm so intrigued with Fuse. *head explodes with sarcasm*

TheHater2023d ago

From the videos I saw for this game, I don't see any original weapons to be honest. You have 3-5 weapons with unique effects and the rest was just standard guns you find in other military shooters.

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