Black Friday Deal Rumor: PS3 Super Slim With 5 Games for $200

PSLS: With Black Friday just around the corner (well around the end of month at least), leaks about deals are starting to pop up. One of these is an apparent inFamous Collection 250GB Super Slim Bundle

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Snookies121994d ago

Don't you dare make me go out on Black Friday for this... Because I will...

I may already have a perfectly working PS3, but this would be too good to pass up.

showtimefolks1993d ago

I think this deal is legit because ts been posted on for over a month. So this deal leaked but I think it's happening and geat for those who hae waited

TheHomerPimpson1993d ago

This deal is legit. My store just got them in last week...not a bad deal, five good games and a PS3 for that price.

lilbrat231993d ago

I wonder what stores will be offering this deal?

miDnIghtEr20C_SfF1993d ago

So like how RRoD made the same people buy a 360 allegedly... does this hold true for PS3 guys that buy more than one PS3 just because?

Honest question. Ready for the barrage of disagrees on the home planet... but wouldn't this be pretty much the same type of thing, sans breakage?

Hoje03081993d ago

How is buying a new PS3 simply because there's a good deal on one in any way similar to feeling forced to buy a new 360 because MS failed to properly test the unit before mass production took place?

Welshy1993d ago

This ^^^^^^ took the words out my mouth.

Being FORCED to buy another 360 because your original broke isn't a choice. Seeing a really good deal and picking up another console, be it PS3 or 360, because a really good deal and you can put it in another room for movies etc IS a choice and i see no problem with it.

Hell i have a PS3 and 360 in my room and another PS3 in the living room for blurays and Netflix, it's not uncommon anymore.

MysticStrummer1993d ago

"Honest question"

Ok, so you honestly asked a completely ridiculous question. I can respect that.

Seriously, the "breakage" part is a major differentiating factor, no?

Also, I know multiple people who bought multiple 360s due to the faulty design caused by MS's desire to get to market early. Luckily for MS, many people are stupid.

medziarz1993d ago

yep, looks like Sony's gonna make a killing this season after all, or at least stand its ground

Welshy1993d ago

That's an epic deal, right in time for those xmas blurays and split screen games with family.

Not to mention great exclusives like The Last Of Us, Beyond: Two Souls and God Of War on top of the epic multiplatforms that are rolling out these past few weeks.

You'd be mental to pass this up if you don't own one already or just need a model/HDD upgrade! =)

attilayavuzer1993d ago

Haha yeah looks like it's time to finally pick up a PS3. Can finally claim console objectivity

Snookies121993d ago (Edited 1993d ago )

Lol, which is definitely a good thing! They each have their own strengths and weaknesses of course, but to truly know which you prefer can only be done when you've had a good amount of time with each to form a good opinion.

Ayabrea1231993d ago

Remember that dumb article some stupid bias fanboy saying "Sony is not doing anything for the holidays and that Nintendo and Microsoft is better" and it was about the super slim not being cheaper than the regular slim. I wish I could go back on that page an link this article so that idiot can stfu. Everyone loves to talk stuff about Sony and throw arrogance and pride all over a conversation when it comes to them.... But what arrogant prideful company cones out with a holiday bundle with 5 games which if you count all the games on the disk, equally exceed over 10+ games and a 250gb console for $200? Didn't think so? Microsoft has a $99 Xbox with 2 games and a credit check... Nintendo has either the Wii or the Wii U which only one comes with 1 free game. Sony gives you 5 and they're still arrogant. People are idiots and this is an awesome deal. Any one is stupid to not take advantage of this if they don't have a ps3

medziarz1993d ago

yep, it's the first thing that came to my mind

FamilyGuy1992d ago

Looks like that might be a walmart ad, a $200 PS3 would be a great deal in its own right but being packaged with two of the PS3s top franchises is great and a great introduction to being a PS3 owner.

"Door Busters" come in very limited quantities though, hopefully there's a permanent price drop to $200 on that 250Gb Super Slim right after the holiday season though, I expect $229 as Sony doesn't like to drop so much at once. They'll make their sales for Christmas then drop the price slightly to keep the sales going after.

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dbjj120881994d ago

Wow, amazing deal. I already have a PS3, but it might be time to upgrade, especially since I don't have many of those games.

HammadTheBeast1993d ago

Supposedly a Slim PS3 (New One) with SSX, Need for Speed, and PS+ will also be announced. If you're looking for an upgrade, amazing deal right there.

HaVoK3081993d ago

You must have an odd definition for the word "upgrade".

Snookies121993d ago

@HaVoK308 - Why is that an odd definition? Some people might want a Slim model as opposed to a Fat one. I like the earlier model better myself, but it's all about opinion. :]

dbjj120881992d ago

Holy crap. That is a great deal. So much multiplayer goodness....

AzaziL1993d ago

You can buy both game collections for $30 a piece and $80 for a 500GB HDD.

GarandShooter1993d ago

That equals $140 so you're basically getting a PS3 for $60. Has there ever been a bigger steal of a deal in gaming?

LOGICWINS1993d ago

It seems almost too good to be true!

Capt-FuzzyPants1993d ago

5X60=300. I know those games aren't full price anyway, but they were at one point, but its with a console with a big hard drive. That's an insane deal.

homer1993d ago

Infamous FoB was never 60 dollars. In fact, I got it in the October sale for $2.50

Capt-FuzzyPants1993d ago

I knew that, I just didn't feel like typing it and thought everyone would get what I was saying anyway.

homer1993d ago

What you said was wrong though. I have never seen anyone try so hard to skew numbers. I don't even really understand why you would try to skew the numbers. Infamous Collection= 30 bucks maybe 40 in some places. UC dual pack = 20 or 30 depending on where and when you buy it. At most, you save 70 bucks.(plus whatever the hardware discount is) I bet you could find them for cheaper if you bought them individually too. What do you hope to accomplish by skewing the sale so bad? Please tell me. You have piqued my interest.

bratman1993d ago

think what cpt.fuzzypants means was each game released at 59.99 at one point other then festival of blood.. and that its an insane deal cause the games are all very well received and cause of all the stuff thats included in this bundle (:

HandyKapz1993d ago

lol if that happens i smell zergrush