Moments: The Stalking Mannequins Of Condemned

Game Informer - Condemned: Criminal Origins is a creepy game from beginning to end. Between the atmosphere and sounds, the gritty close-quarters combat with deranged enemies, the supernatural storyline, and the possibility that something could be lurking around every dark corner; Condemned has plenty of ways to keep me on edge while trying to solve the game’s various mysteries.

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Ryto2024d ago

I remember being 17 playing this game and being absolutely terrified of this game.
Really felt like being in a supernatural thriller movie!

JsonHenry2024d ago

One of the most under-rated games of all time IMO.

aawells072024d ago

Please sign. I just happen to see this while watching a Youtube vid of Condemned. There isnt many signatures yet but once the word gets out maybe we can make a difference. We can only hope.

Inception2024d ago

Talk of the devil! I just mention condemned in zombieU article, and 5 minutes later theres an article about this game. Imho this game is awesome! Couple years ago i finished it on pc and the mannequin section gave me a nightmare >.<
Sure it's not a perfect game (some confusing story plot) but they did good job for gameplay and the atmosphere. I hope sega / someone (amnesia dev?) will pick this series and make a third game ^^

Sp1d3ynut2024d ago

It was Condemned: Criminal Origins, not Condemned 2. ;) C2: Bloodshot wasn't nearly as spooky.

sonicsidewinder2024d ago (Edited 2024d ago )

That was a propper,

"OH SHIT! They're back?!?!?"


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