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WWE 13 Review- Gamemuse.net

With WWE 13, the main question was, can it create the excitement of the real thing? (PS3, Wii, WWE 13, Xbox 360) 2/5

Linko64  +   530d ago
Certainly a brief review, HUD can bu turned on in options by the way.
JamesMerrett  +   530d ago
I did mention that the Finisher one could be turned on in options. Couldn't see anyway to turn on damage indicators etc
rocky047586  +   530d ago
I don't think you should've reviewed this game if you knew nothing of the previous ones. The way to see how much damage your opponent has taken is one of two ways. You have to press R1/RB when they are groggy or you are grappling or if they are on the ground to do limb targeting and that will be the damage indicator. The way that you tell on yourself is how badly you're limping around and holding body parts.

Video games shouldn't have to cloud up the game screen with HUDs because you want to see how much damage you have when you can just look at the characters body and see exactly how badly they are injured. No disrespect but your "review" was more of an overview of things that you didn't know how to do in the game rather than an unbiased opinion on it. Rey Mysterio is way faster than Triple H when you're playing as him, there's not a time where Triple H is faster. Nothing against you though James, your opinion still stands I just hope that maybe you can take my opinion to heart.
TheUndertaker85  +   530d ago
Previous ones DID have a body hud that could be always turned on

sovietsoldier  +   530d ago
2-5 get the fuck out this is like the best wrestling game since bring the pain.
Enmson  +   530d ago
Here Comes The Pain*
sovietsoldier  +   529d ago
i meant to say here comes the pain, my bad
TheUndertaker85  +   530d ago
Also know that the save files for PS3 can be extremely huge, particularly after creating superstars. We're talking GB huge.

2003MB WWE '13 save file with only one custom arena and one custom superstar. This is not Game Data. This is Game Saves.

If you want to play through WWE '13 you'd better have at least 7GB open for just that. I have heard cases of save files for WWE '13 being even larger though, extending past that 7GB by themselves. Also know that because of the size of the save files you won't be able to upload them to your PS+ Cloud Storage either. Then to add to this the save is locked, meaning you won't be able to simply backup that one file.

Also know not to use custom arenas during Universe Mode. This will lock up your game.
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2pacalypsenow  +   530d ago
They half assed the entrances they made 1 raw is war entrance for 3 different years 97/98/2001. the 98 entrance doesn't even have the wwf/e attitude logo and in 97 the raw is war entrance was just the titantron without the supporting beams. and they just used the 98 arena for the 2001 events
rocky047586  +   530d ago
@TheUndertaker85 Your'e pointing out something that is old? We haven't had HUDS for a while now, since SVR'10. That's almost 4 years ago now. Most games do away with HUDS but when WWE does it it's bad? How so? You don't need a HUD when you can see, visibly, that they are injured and that's how you can assess the damage. What's wrong with doing it that way?
TheUndertaker85  +   530d ago
...Is that kind of why you pointed out that it has a hub but in a limited stance?

WWE '13 has a sort of hub. The only thing is you can only use it in certain instances. Toggle isn't asking too much.

Many people use the hubs to know what part of the body is actually being worn down with moves then to better pinpoint body parts. They can show damage all they want but at the end of the day they aren't going to show you that their arms, head, and legs are all damaged at once. Some people like to know those things as they go without having to do something specific to find it out.

Anyone with experience with either '13 or '12 too can tell you that in cases moves that look as if they should pinpoint the head actually target the body or vice versa, extending into the different parts of the body making it even harder at times to know exactly what part of the body you're actually working on.
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rocky047586  +   529d ago
Again, an actual HUD is just clouding up the screen when they are trying to bring you a realistic presentation. Aesthetically adding the damage to the body is accurate enough to be able to gauge what kind of damage you're doing to them. It is your responsibility as a gamer to go and find out which moves do what damage because the game does relay that information to you, it's not like it's impossible to find. They shouldn't have to babysit you and handhold you and feed you the information at this point.

Especially if you're a long time player of the franchise like many people would be at this point. The limb targeting system shows you what kind of damage you're doing and you can ONLY pick moves that target that part of the body, it's much more accurately designed this year than ever before to know which moves are doing what kind of damage to what body parts because of this. So there's really no room for that argument in this game.

I know you don't have any bubbles left so if you want to talk in PM you can certainly contact me about it. Good talking to you.
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