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Replay – Cool Spot

Game Informer - We pop in the Genesis platformer and spend a good amount of time talking about how much 7up sucks. (Cool Spot, Retro)

DivineAssault  +   617d ago
lol i remember playing this game & being disappointed lol.. 16 bit era was awesome tho
BlackIceJoe  +   617d ago
I remember playing this & I sill own it somewhere in my house. Any one play Pepsiman too? That was another weird advertisement game.
Myst  +   617d ago
I remember seeing someone playing it and to this day I still don't understand it...
WrAiTh Sp3cTr3  +   617d ago
Coolspot was a good game imo. It had an akward rythm about it as a platform that had many people turned off about it. I especially loved the bonus mission at the end of the stages were you where inside of a 7up bottle trying to burst as many bubbles you could before time ran out. I've never played Pepsiman and to be honest never heard of it. The only other advertisement game back then that I played was Yo 'Noid. Brings back memories, lol.

Oh and 7up>Sprite. If you like those types of sodas you'll drink 7up and realize Sprite has no flavor.
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MadMen  +   616d ago
Bought th SNES version off of Ebay a few back because I had it when I was a kid, still love it , but man some of those jump levels (bathtub) can be a real pain =)

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