Resident Evil 6 -- 30 Days Later

IGN - The zombie plague has once again descended upon humanity. So how well did we handle it this time?

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CraigandDayDay1996d ago

So...28 Days Later + 2 = 30 Days Later? LoL j/k
Awesome movie though.

I just wish they would bring RE back to being straight horror games and not action games.

GTRrocker6661996d ago

I skipped this one. I also skipped Resident Evil 5. I played the Resident Evil games for the horror not the shooting. Its too bad they couldnt find a harmony with both like Dead Space has.

Jinkies1996d ago

It was crap then and it's still crap now, we shouldn't be trying to justify a game if it's bad

"bu...bu bu but maybe it's not all that bad"

For RE game it's terrible as a standaline game it's the end of the day if a developer has messed up make it known instead of trying to cover their arses, they had a 600 development team, if they can't get it right then you know something is seriously wrong with Capcom and even the franchise.

Point is they should of listened to their old fanbase then the new ones which will sell the game once COD/Halo comes out

caseh1996d ago (Edited 1996d ago )

It ain't 'crap' as you put it just becaase it doesn't slot into your purist view of how the series should be represented.

I played RE5 as I wanted to stomp endless streams of zombies. I wanted to play as Wesker and sneer everytime my co-op buddy had to revive me, I wanted to play as Jill and knee drop everything in sight. I wanted to blast zombies left right and center with big assed guns and have enough ammo to run rampage. Guess ticked all the boxes.

I didn't pick up RE5 in the hope it would be like the original RE, waiting 15 seconds to load between rooms, fixed camera angles, one zombie to kill every 5 mins, keys to open doors that open doors to other keys...with zombies inbetween.

I for one have enjoyed RE6, i've been gaming since Kung-Fu Master was teh sh*t in the arcades and can accept the fact that genres along with the franchises with which they associate themselves with ultimately change with time.

FrostyZipper1996d ago

I guess I'm one of the only people who thought the Resident Evil series has always been more campy than scary. Tense? It has its moments like the Village opening in 4 and practically every appearance Nemesis made in 3 but generally it was born of the awful fixed camera angles and clunky controls.

On the topic of the series as is: what I honestly would like to see would be for Capcom to either go back to the very beginning and redo the series (preferably in the style of RE4 in terms of control, though with much, much less ammo) because as it stands the series is getting far too Bay-ish in terms of scale. There's a time and a place for bombastic OTT events like fighting Godzilla's smaller, uglier cousins in the streets of Eastern Europe and assaulting obscenely hi-tech aquatic facilities and while Capcom have undeniably tried their hardest it never really felt quite right. Even more pressing is the question of where Capcom can possibly take the series from here? How can they raise the stakes further? We'd have to fight a zombie the size of a skyscraper at least once every chapter in every city across the globe for things to get even worse than they did in 6!

Capcom have to either reboot the series (something I sincerely doubt will happen, at least any time soon), continue onwards and try to fix what RE6 broke, which was a fair amount, though there are some things I'd be fine seeing in the inevitable RE7 (and no, the health tablets and the awful UI and Inventory are not one of said things), or drop the series altogether before they completely alienate their already dwindling fanbase (something I REALLY doubt will happen).

Alternatively they can always plead, grovel and beg Shinji Mikami to come back and all our problems will be solved.

Agent_00_Revan1996d ago

I was already on the fence about this one after seeing it at E3, but after playing the demo, i canceled my preorder and had no desire to purchase it. At least until some place like Gamefly has it for like $15.

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