Sony PS3 seen leading hardware growth in 2008

Sony Corp's PlayStation 3 will double its installed base this year, posting the strongest growth of any video game console and narrowing the gap with rivals, research firm iSuppli said on Thursday.

Worldwide sales of the PS3 are expected to be 10 million units this year, compared with 12.2 million units for Nintendo Co Ltd's Wii and 7.5 million units for Microsoft Corp's Xbox 360, iSuppli said.

The Wii is in line to become the industry leader with a total global installed base of 30.2 million units. The PS3 would double its base to 20.3 million and by 2011 would lead the industry with some 38.4 million users. The Xbox 360's user base would grow to 25.7 million units by the end of 2008.

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Bill Gates3750d ago

Come on BABOONS, hurry up and approve this cause you know it's going to happen......AHAHAHAHHAHA

iAmPS33750d ago

I don't know, but I just love you saying "BABOONS". LOL LOL LOL


lol with no games , cause there just going to abandon them again with a new system...the 360.5

TheExecutive3750d ago

I forsee a little stronger growth for the ps3. They sold 10 million last year with no proven franchises, a higher price tag, and the ps3 was only out in Europe for 9 MONTHS.

The more I think about it the more full of sh!t I think this article is.

Packet3750d ago

Definitely, 10 million for 2008 is laughable.

HDTV prices are now down to the sub-1000 dollar range.

BluRay has won the format war and the PS3 is one of the best players on the market.

The roughly 130 million PS2 owners out there are ready to make the jump to next gen this year with many of the main Playstation franchises making their first appearance.

The PS3 2008 lineup is looking to be the single greatest year ever for a console - with, to just name a few major titles, MGS4,Killzone 2,Little Big Planet,GT5,Resistance 2, and maybe FFXIII in Japan late in the year.

Home is soon to be released.

In game XMB is will finally put to rest the one last complaint about the amazing PS3 online system with free play for everyone and lagfree dedicated server based gaming

Manufacturing cost cutting appears to be going very well with Sony already hitting the break even point after just one year. So at least one more major price cut is certainly on its way in 2008.

After over a year on the market the PS3 has shown itself to be the most well made console ever with virtually no defects and incredibly silent operation. Putting to rest all the hope from other console fans that PS3 would eventually start dying if given enough time.

The number of high quality PSN games is amazing with Sony putting out a major new title about every two months - SuperStardust HD,Everyday Shooter,Pixel Junk Monsters, etc.

Get use to having to read through endless 'golly, Sony has really turned things around' posts and articles in 2008.

travelguy2k3750d ago

10.3 million to date (DEC. 31 2007) and about 8.5 of that was in 2007.

But i am alittle confused by their numbers. The say the Wii will have an intall of 30 million by the end of 2008 and that the PS3 will win this gen with an intall of 38 million by 2011. If thats true then what is gonig on with the Wii? It will sell 12 million this year and then in 09 and 10 is will not even sell 8 million and get beat by the PS3....

grilledgorlupa83750d ago

While I agree it will probably be more than 10 million dont over estimate either. Your forgetting that most of us dont spend money on video games. While its true things are getting cheaper we all still have bills loans or other stuff like school to pay. Yes HD-TVs will probably become cheaper but who says we have $500-$1000 to spend with in the beginning.

Yes the PS3 will probably see a huge increase in sales because of the many factors that are coming (Rebate anyone? =) PS3 here I come) Lots of games are timeless and thats why the people that still couldnt afford a PS2 feels no shame of getting one now because their are still great games coming out for it and many great games alrdy on it. Atleast thats the reason why I think the ps2 is still selling well.

TechWiz3750d ago

According to the Industry the Wii is a fad. Assuming it is that's why the Wii numbers are going to drop. This is not my opion. Only time will tell if the Wii is or not a fad.

See link about the Wii fad:

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