TB: Medal of Honor: Warfighter Review – Will Shoot Upon Originality

TB: As a shooter, Medal of Honor: Warfighter is simply competent. It never strives to reach unfamiliar territory, instead feeling like a collection of moments from other games.

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Chapulin2028d ago

Don't understand all the hate? I think its a great game.

RaptorGTA2028d ago

agree...its not the best fps game ever made..but its a good game.

BattleAxe2028d ago

You two must be relatively new to gaming.

HandyKapz2028d ago

its certainly better than call of duty
at least danger close did some changes in 2 years while cod did nothing new since 2007

its a great game to bad
loved the car sequence in dubai it was awesome.

Chapulin2028d ago

I have been playing since Atari 2600. I have seen horrible games and this one is definitely not one of them.

DirtyLary2028d ago

You're just old and delusional.

jk ..

. been gaming since PONG myself.. gg fellow old gamer

farhad2k82028d ago

I find it hilarious how when CoD puts a foot wrong, everyone hates on it like CRAZY, when MoH does something wrong, the hate is so minimal that no one even cares. Pathetic in all honesty.

I'm not going to be purchasing MoH or the new CoD, if anyone thinks I'm being biased.

hardcorehippiez2028d ago

i have lost faith in reviewers and i doubt i will touch any publications again. i bought the last medal of honor but reviews slammed it and said black ops was better. Bullshit imo medal of honor was the better game. same is happening again. listen you dimwit journalists Moh is not cod nor is it trying to be. dont be a rambo work with your squad and take it slow using cover and make sure to look about you. if your teamed up with someone who knows what they are doing medal of honor warfighter is an awesome game. my only gripe is that the servers need to stabilize a bit as the lag at the moment is a bit annoying but im sure like the last game theyll get it to run smooth. if you listen to reviewers to make a choice on this game you are gonna miss out.

Insomnia_842028d ago

I agree with every word you said. Good thing I bought it, just finished the campaign this morning and rank 73 in mp, this game is good and that ending got me ready for the next one!! ;D a couple of server fixes, a few maps more and all set for some time to come. I give this game an 8/10. Good game!

hardcorehippiez2028d ago

seriously think the gaming generation is getting dumber. any game that requires a bit of thought, teamwork and stealth is slammed. My favourite hobby is deteriorating right in front of me and these idiot journalists are gonna be the ones to blame when the industry they thrive off falls down round them. what will they do then ? move on to another hobby and fuck it up . retards !!!

JBSleek2028d ago

It isn't a good game. The story is boring and ugly animations. The multiplayer is so uninspiring. Waste of my $60 and i had hope.

hennessey862028d ago

Is the so called negatives that are bringing this games score down apply to 99 percent of other shooters, it double standards. I'm enjoying it so far and it's not even close to being a 4.5 out of 10. On what I have seen so far I would give it an 8

Hicken2028d ago

I agree. Too bad that's not gonna change any time soon.

Zha1tan2027d ago

all these modern warfare games are just uninspired and terrible, the only game that does the armed forces justice is the arma series.